Malevolent Mekon

The execrable, murderous Mekon has given his explanation in the true spirit of ‘fuck you’ for driving his wife and child 100s of miles during lockdown, when they had plague, when they couldn’t even see. But the good ol’d British respond thus:

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I emailed the Govt’s latest Corona advice from Beria:
Q: I’ve got plague, what should I do?
A: Put your family in the car and drive all over the country.
Q: I can’t see, what should I do?
A: Put your family in the car and drive all over the country.
Q: Won’t people catch plague, including my family? Won’t the police stop us?
A: We’ll get the entire British government out to defend us.
Mate, stop worrying: we’re not even going to run out of petrol.
Q: Won’t voters turn against us?
A: *lights cigar*

A friend responded pointing out:

Back in 2004 John Prescott offered the North East the opportunity to be the first Regional Assembly

Guess who was instrumental in the vote no campaign?
Here’s a clue
He has relatives in Durham

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Incredible. His malevolent influence spreads everywhere. Even when there’s nothing going on he sees this as a chance to go do something evil, like spread plague. Surely social services need to be involved if he’s breaking the law and endangering his child by driving while blind (unless he claims DVLA rules about eyesight don’t apply to him like everything doesn’t apply to him).
Driving while blind and with plague, bit like Farage surviving his Bf 109 crash-landing. There is no God.
For posterity here’s a letter I’ve sent to the Journal:
Could we use the track and trace app that Dominic Cummings led the development of to see who he met with when up north, and who he infected?
Irony aside, I am a key worker, NHS, very much in the front-line working to prevent Covid 19 spreading and treating those affected by it.
I know colleagues who’ve died of it.
I’ve had it myself, luckily mildly.
I did several months of training on ambulances around Middlesbrough and up to Newcastle, and though I work in London now, my wife is still 300 miles away in the Tyne Valley. In months I’ve not been able to see her, nor sought to do so, due to the lockdown.
And then the unelected, wholly infected Cummings comes hundreds of miles, spreading a killer disease by his very presence – no exaggeration – and not just once, then corals the Cabinet to defend him by lying to us all about their own rules.
Well, well. We have a few more Tory MPs up here now, what say they?
Because frankly I am livid.
It is just disgusting.
He is just disgusting.
They are all disgusting.
Yours sincerely,
Robin Tudge

Back to normal?

A good long chat with the missus, who’s been able to get out more with the hound, up to the woods, and took him to our favourite pub that’s organised carry-outs (although he was not impressed with the trip overall, expecting more the other end, like when I took Ben-dog to the post-office in the car). But she’s noticed the Quayside was busy, if not rammed, with no social distancing going on, such that it made her uneasy although she was merely driving past it, and she said she’d had to abort a journey down the road y’day as it too was packed out, with so many people milling hither and thither that it made a mockery of those still keeping a distance in the queues outside the shops. She’s tended to go down only at the earliest hours or the very latest, when it’s been quiet enough to feel safe. Down here today and the last few days it’s also getting busier and on the cycle-pedestrian path it’s becoming very difficult to maintain distances, the efficacy of evasive action is rendered moot too often.

She’s pointed out that R rate for the NE is still above 1 and is the worst in the country, having taken over that mantle from the NW, so the situation is only going to be compounded – even if we’ve passed the ‘peak’ we’re not declining at a rate that’s an actual decline, we’re still reporting daily death tolls in the high 100s, and this will only be sustained if not rebound. Yet the NE and the NW are the most least densely populated areas in the country, and wasn’t it all about population density, that the UK is so much worse than other countries with lower rates? (Except Japan. Germany, where everyone in the cities lives in apartment blocks with shared stairwells). The Netherlands. Even Italy these days). So it can’t just be about theoretical population density, it must be to do with poverty, about people living cheek by jowl but in professions that aren’t furloughed, they have no savings, they have no ability not to work, they have poorer education, nutrition, living conditions et al, if not among a fair few a beligerence, ‘I’ll stand where I like!’, so we see why Newcastle and Gateshead councils haven’t decided to ignore government advice so much as call it out for being the bullshit it is – ‘stay alert WTF’ – and refuse to reopen schools et al until we have half a chance of not giving this pandemic a turbo-boosted chance to reassert itself. Note also with the Daily Mail saying ‘give teachers a chance to be heroes’ – omg what WWI shit is this? – but it’s the state school teachers they’re talking about, not the ones at Eton, Harrow, Winchester, which are all staying closed but to no direction or comment from the govt and its psychotic supporters, like Hatie Cockpiss, calling them all lazy Marxists. WTF is this? Not wanting to die or be responsible for children dying is a position taken by far-left traitors?

I’m back at work tomorrow after nine days off, luckily what would have been a 0630 start from the Cronx has been adjusted to 0750 at St H, as if there’s a note been made adn noted somewhere. But …


SODEM notes:

Great governance 😂😂😂

In the last 24 hours government ministers have:

1 Accidentally made it illegal to drive to Wales

2 Stated, wrongly, that Covid-19 is in the water supply

3 Made it easier to see other people’s parents than your own

4 Issued guidance about business that the London Chamber of Commerce have instructed us to ignore

5 Issued guidance about lockdown that 3 of the 4 nations in the Union have instructed us to ignore

6 Released advice top experts were not given a chance to review and approve

7 Said the announcement had to be on Sunday, so it could start Monday

8 Then said they meant Wednesday

9 Then said we must go to work

10 Then said we must not travel to work

11 Then blamed the public for not understanding them

12 Then appeared on TV to explain the rules, got them wrong, and had to be corrected by Piers Morgan

13 Then appeared in Parliament to explain the rules, got them wrong, and had to be corrected by the opposition

And that’s just Monday

Credit @RussInCheshire