Gawd ..


We had another of the excellent boxing evening at the city hall, good variety of a line up in age, size and skill. Niki won, which was good, Chris lost and I was surprised he didn’t use his considerable, fast, accurate jab (he was injured), while Ross and Kyle had a belter of a fight, which Ross won much to Kyle’s dismay, great dismay. This may have been Kyle’s first loss, and he said afterwards he gave it his all in the first round and by the third he was conked, hinting there was a sense of overwhelm by panic in his strategy, whereas Ross, 10 years his senior, said he’d maxed out on fitness – and it paid off. HE even stunned Kyle halfway through the third, while in the second there was a tense point where Kyle was told off for holding, but as Clive ordered them to break, Ross chinned him.

The night before I was in London and ran into a friend who follows me online, loves what I do re campaigning. He’s always more than welcome to join in. Why don’t more them do so? I do it in part to lead from the front. What does it take to follow? It’s fun. It’s a release. It shows you care enough to join in. This is how democracy dies, it’s assaulted from without but collapses due to the rot of negligence and apathy from within. It’s not like I even do that much … remember Peter’s apathy, Stacey’s disdain, Ravi and Duncan’s enthusiasm but not much more, Jerry not even knowing the subplots.

On that point, Carole CAdwalladr is now up for a Pulitzer prize. In another time the prize would be linked to how her work stopped this travesty and even brought down a government. now it’s a sideshow for devotees of truth, whereas the post-truth bandwagon driven by the far-right only gathers momentum.

There was a lovely moment in SODEm the week before when a chap came up and saw my sticker and said ‘we had a people’s vote, who do you think it was that voted?’ to which Y just said, ‘ok don’t worry, you won, be happy!’, baffling him enough to make him leave without another word. It was very funny, but showed the paucity of our side in sloganing, because he was right. We’re put on the back foot by our own fucking slogans. ‘leave means leave’, ‘enemies of democracy’, ‘take back control’, these are the slogans of the other side, ‘we survived WWII’, and they are very effective, sometimes for their stupidity. but they work!


Camping in Edinburgh, feeling like a brefugee. Bloody Jesus did I need to get out of the city.

I’ve cleared out to Edinburgh, ended up in a Wetherspoons, against my wont as I don’t like to frequent Nazi beerhalls, but didn’t bring any EU merch! Silly me.

As the HoC is in recess, so is SODEm. We’ve got six months, which Tusk advises, ‘don’t waste the time,’ so of course they all go on holiday for two weeks, then it’s summer holidays, then conference season, with the local elections and European elections in the meantime. As has been pointed out there is no way on Earth may can arrange her deal to get through. we’ve now also got Peter Oborne and Nick Ferrari coming out and saying this is just bollocks, we should stop it. Corbyn’s meanwhile in on some retreat for teenagers. Zanadue Rees mogg has emerged as another candidate for the God awful Brexit party, because she’s not part of the elite apparently, as a stockbroker who’s the sister of Rees mogg and lives in Blenheim Palace, she’s … furious about Brexit and the betrayal of the 17.4 m and al this stoke, stoke, stoke stuff. utter shit that’s going to get someone killed.

The 17.4 m with which we’re all being bludgeoned. Democracy means to these people ‘you agree with us, whatever the fuck that is.’ And they’ve conflated that with patriotism. Whereas previously a call to regard the national interest might have been a unifying move, this lot have cornered it and anyone who disagrees with them now is an ‘enemy’. This is the very hideous noise with which these utter bastards are going to fill the silence of the recess. It was said that this pause is a mistake and I can see why. And this is in part what’s behind Lammy going on marr to back up his comparison between the ERG and the Nazis. He boldly, emphatically, refused to back down and indeed made his case, against JRm, Johnson, the lot of them. Farage has got the front-page of the Express in the most explicitly cultish patriotic front cover, while Batten, who he’s disowned (although there’s a theory it’s just a front), has been on marr as well – the BBC doing a great job giving a platform the far-right at every opportunity – describing a tweet by one of his new UKIP candidates, Sordon of Akkad (?) saying ‘I wouldn’t rape you’ to Jess Philips, as satire.


There is an incredible resource about the alt-right, Rational Wiki, and this is a vast, dark world I’ve never plumbed. There’s so much about the UK that Brexit has unveiled, as well as the EU, and the world, from this global alt-right stuff, to the Orange order sectarianism in Scotland, to the seething evil of the new Tories, to these guys, Akkad (sp!) and the other guy Count Dankula, who is really … boring. a bit of a nob, taught his dog to do the Hitler salute when told ‘gas the jews’ – really? Is that funny? Then spent 2 years fretting about going to prison – true, if the case had to be brought to court it should have been done much sooner – and so he becomes a free speech advocate (always these guys who are so into free speech seek to abuse it such!) and joins UKIP! While claiming not to have a  right-wing bone in his body. Is he a liar or just naïve?

The problem is not just that these guys could become MEPs , but … as youtubers with milliions of devotees, …. the 2016 referendum, Leave’s master stroke that blindsided everyone was its armies of bots, trolls, the data mining, targeted ads on social Media, the memes. This time we have millions of young Gamergate types brought as a weapon to the UKIP party by these guys, angry at the EU for this copyright bill that they’ve conflated copyright protection with censorship, and are capable as bots, trolls, hackers and by doxxing, of causing serious harassment. And because they’re angry they’ll do it for free, and they’ll be vile, and it’ll be untraceable by moey and so on. suppression by intimidation. A lot of decent people could be in a lot of trouble.

And on the ground … JS went to a ‘town hall’ meet in Bishop Awks, ‘a shitshow’, a setup by the Brexit chair, no Labour, a room full of gammon demanding No Deal and claiming that’s what they all voted for, shouting down the Lib Dem, ‘ no experts’, asserting WTO is fine, that it doesn’t matter to them if not because their business doesn’t export (so what’s the fucking point, why do they care at all?). I on the other hand am frazzled and have bene banned from FB for 30 days for caling a gammon a cunt, as he told Pedro to hgo back to Portugal. And my Tommeh profile’s been closed down completely.

These are unhappy, scary times. very scary times. a nice thing was James got a card and £40 to fix the graffiti on his van, saying he had courage doing what he’s doing with his EU flag et al. and as I’ve said, the service we do on the stalls is when people come to us with glee to do the Brexitometers and the petition because they have a voice at last, we’re there to listen to them.

We’re in a climate of fear. we have been for a long, long time, and Farage is firing it all up all over again, now with the backing of Tice, the BBC<all these other bastards.

Mid April, 35 days fro the EU elections. A letter to EU citizens reminding them they can vote was eschewed by a Tory who thinks it weird they should be reminded of this. as if reminding people of their rights is undemocratic. Fuck this place to Hell.


Nerves are jangling. Today I thought for the times that I think, ‘don’t just stand there, get one up!’ and even say it, often to people who are pleased and impressed as it were with what’s going on but don’t do owt themselves. Now I feel like the chap holding the cup of tea. The bombs are falling. Brexit Party is in the ascendant, people aboard like JRm’s fucking sister (who the hell??) with her gobbing about ‘I’m appalled because democracy has been betrayed’. This is supposedly a reason (on Twitter) that people are going to vote for the Brexit Party even if they don’t agree with it, this is how mad it has got. The most corrupted vote of decades … fetishized.

Farage said of a second referendum, ‘what if this happened in Africa? They’d send in the UN!’ Lammy was on it, in Kenya the vote was corrupted, by Cambridge Analytica, and they reran the election because of it after scores had died. He is a dude. I sent him a postcard.

Got new boots and two new jackets (Oxfam new, new to me). the Brexit Party is top of the polls while the Remain lot squabble among themselves – the greens are supposedly the stopping point for compromise, as they have only got far in the EU elections unlike elsewhere due to the EU’s PR system – ironically this is why UKIP ever did well compared with Westminster and FPTP because the EU’s actually more democratic … however. This BP lead is  based on YouGov’s own signed up punters and by that those who’ve previously voted, which they did in 2015 quite strongly UKIP, so it’s inherently biased, while the other parties haven’t started their campaigns yet, so it’s not what it seems. This had to be told to a lovely woman I met today at the E vigil, who was despondent, as was I. I think it’s as much a rerun of the downtie at Christmas recess when a lot of people went mad amid the inactivity, meanwhile we have these EU elections coming … which, now BP is leading, is being billed by them as another referendum by proxy and ‘how much do the PV lot not like a 2nd ref when they’re behind?’ which is disingenuous. It’s not a PV!

A very nice group though, the E vigil lot, and we got a lot of a good vibe off people we gave stickers to, telling htem to register to vote. I told aGreek woman she still had time to register, she thought it was too late, I said that was for the local elections, … why don’t these people know this? on that there was some MP complaining that EU citz were being reminded to vote and there was a second step to take to register. Some people don’t like democracy ….

A chap in a Norway top came up and said Norway was happy. I asked if he wanted EFTA, he said yes. then I said the Norway model and he said he wanted No Deal was in the 2016 ref, I said it wasn’t, but Norway was, but then he asked why the EU was so good, I said FoM, he said we were overrun, too small an island, see it compared with Africa (that’s a non comparison) then he pointed down Prince’s St at the crowds of tourists on Easter Holiday and said ‘do you want it all like this?’ I said this was simply not going to happen, me blindsided by this torrent of odd stuff, unable to point out that EFTA has FoM as part of it, but he was gone by then, happy with Norway and No Deal.

WTF. Ah. George Galloway tweeted he is going to support the BP because the EPLP is full of Europhiles and they’re the Blairite worst while the PLP is also full of fifth columnists, so the best thing is (he is very pro the result of the referendum, no revoke Art 50 or PV) get the BP in, we leave the EU and get Brexit, and then that’ll kill off the fifth-columnists and deliver the Brexit the working class demanded and the Brexit that Corbyn wants, because Corbyn is great. At the same time O Jones tells remainers to vote Labour in the EU elections because (Corbyn is a Brexiter) not voting Labour will simply allow Farage to dominate. Galloway wants Farage to win and so this hard-left man is prepared to back the far-right in order to help elect them to a Mickey Mouse parliament in order to better expunge his own party – oh shit no sorry it’s not even his own party anymore and he doesn’t want to rejoin – of centrists. This is pure Stalinism, making a pact with the Devil. It’s the Pact of Steel. Stalin made a pact with Hitler, upshot being first lots of dead Poles, an empowered Nazi lot that took over Europe, then they attacked the Soviets. Fancy that!

What does George think the far-right will do when so further empowered? What does he think they want out of Brexit?

Is George so cynical he’s actually naive?

Is George just bitter towards Blair, like Farage is to the Tories, like Martin is towards his old teacher?

OF course the real divide in the country isn’t LEave and REmain, this shows it’s LEave that’s split into pathologically opposed camps. So what happens when they get ‘their’ Brexit but find there’s this whole other gang determined to make it THEIR Brexit, and a terrible one at that?

Meanwhile, in the real world, Channel 4 news reports on Banks’ dirty dealings. God help us if this doesn’t make a difference. Again, Brexit PArty soars while the truth gets ever darker.


Some Friday ago

Thursday: Two great conversations were had, one in Dulwich where a woman saw me doing seditious things, and we had an ace, angry rant together outside Tesco (of all places), looked upon by the rich boys of DC who’ll inherit the Earth without lifting a finger, and who seemed to find it all a spectacle. In a few years they’ll be the new wave of entrees into the East India Club. I stood outside there a while waiting for Nigel to come to the DC old boys’ golf society

Pedro called one of them a fat bastard, he whirled around, ‘say that to my face! I lost five stone in six months you bastard!’ . strangely sensitive for a Nazi.

Thursday as I got my beret on at HoC an elderly chap came over, ‘you lot are heroes, and heroines, absolute heroes.’ Which was very nice. A friend from school said so as well today on FB, Ravi Jandyhala, agrees that Nige is an anus, and called me a legend and I had to keep at it! I don’t really know what else to do at this point. It’s very nice to know it makes a difference though to others, it really does.

Fuck me. I was nearly in tears in Wednesday’s vote, the cheers, Pedro saying ‘it was you, well done all of you, be proud! You should all be so proud!’ blimey I couldn’t speak. And yet it wasn’t binding, and yet …

At the HoC at 7, it was all quiet, the vote had already passed. so I fell between all the stools, and ended up next to one, leaning on the railing next to the tall beaky EDL lad as he held one end of the WTO banner (the other end held by the bald squat twat with Himmler glasses who spouted shit ‘the cost of freedom’ while being told of the scores of jobs at stake by one businessman on Wednesday …) . I got chatting to a great guy called Bryn, about what’ll we do if we lose, and he was upbeat. He was something of a professional campaigner, the kind we need, gets into a cause, knows his stuff, and won’t let go. Then a couple of young chaps with a film camera and a skateboard came to talk to us and though we were wary as they weren’t a professional crew as such, they weren’t antagonistic and they let us talk. Whether it ends up somewhere shit with dubbing over it, fuck knows, but they had concerns about FoM and travel, and what’s to be done? Bryn and I were pretty even handed about and they said we’d made the most sense. They’d also spoken with Leavers who were very nice but not made so much sense … lol. When they left the woman next to us asided she’d thought they were dodgy and didn’t want to be typecast as some middle-class snob type, ‘and you know with the skateboard and tattoos I wasn’t sure about them’. I kind of think if they had done what she’d feared they’d have had a point. And yet the two thugs were quiet, too. As if when the cameras turn away we’re back to being … British, polite, realising this cannot matter as much as we make it out to do. but it does. Never be fooled, or forget, this matters. We’ve got real evil playing us all in this.

Tuesday evening I’d been taking photos of the HoC and not realised I was next to two leavers who were … well the bloke was allright, she was aggressive though, asked how I wanted the vote to go, my mind went blank and I said , ‘shit, I can’t think straight’, which she pounced on, ‘you don’t know! You don’t know what you want but you’re here! come on. or are you trying to remember some set piece?’ no, I was trying to take photos. I could have been more frustrated but the chap said there was so much going on he wasn’t sure either which was sweet of him. but this is it, the entrenchment, the suspicion, everyone’s on edge, ready to immediately doubt.

After three evenings in London I got the train back home today. A flotilla of fishing boats came in to make a protest in favour of the EU, but with them came a load of vile angry gammons who abused and threw eggs at the pro-EU protest on Millennium Bridge, the lead chap looking like some deviant messianic figure, waving this ‘book’ about that told him the EU was full of Nazis and we were all Nazis (I wasn’t there but they’re my lot) and shit, his jittery friends gobbing together.

Is this because of the wind-down to March 29, and or because of the vote to delay it? it’s been said for a while that the final days would get heated, and this might be the point we see the tinder hit the powder. There were nearly blows on BBCQT last night as a chap advocated a second referendum and some plant behind him started going ‘we had a vote’ and all that.

A Dutch woman tried to make a point that everyone should calm down and stop cutting each other off, upon which she was cut off by some berk off-camera.

Tomorrow is the start of the pro-Brexit march in Sunderland, led by Farage, who’s so confident of a strong turnout of supporters that he’s keeping the start location secret, known only to signed-up followers at the last minute. No doubt a lot of yellow vests will be bussed in from all around but does he even want them there, considering how he thinks UKIP have become bad ‘uns? On his head be it, though. This is what he started, he stoked. He’s part of the stoking of hate that’s led to this heinous massacre in New Zealand. But of course he’ll deny it, they all do, that’s what they do, stoke stoke stoke stoke and then when they get the reaction they sought, it’s nothing to do with them, they’re the victims, and so on.

They haven’t even told the council where they’re meeting. Bell ends.

Anyway I have to meet my lot at our own venue … what the fuck is going on? Where is this all going?

Dear Lord Lawson,

I read your recent comments calling the threat of “insurrectionary forces”, i.e. terrorism, “understandable” over the perceived frustration of the corrupted 2016 referendum (itself an affront to democracy). Many have already said, the No Deal you advocate raises the great threat of the Troubles returning to Northern Ireland, in which 1,000s were killed and injured, including senior Conservatives at Brighton in 1986. I remember that even if you don’t. Why would you risk a return to that?


Robin Tudge



A few days already

Saturday: I got into a row with a bloke who says all businesses just want out. this is true in so far as they want clarity, but do they all want out? I don’t think so. He was adamant that the fact that the ref was based on lies and fraud doesn’t matter, and we have to respect the vote, being (deliberately) misinformed into an issue. Quite quickly I found myself hoofing the floor, so to speak, then J intervened, very deftly, and I left them to it, J having very good knowledge of local business so was able to get an angle in. almost like good cop bad cop. Across the road I had a woman come up and say she’d no interest or knowledge of politics, was stupid, uneducated … til it was clear this was a sarcastic ruse and she moved on to call me ‘undemocratic’. Sneaky. I drove back to town with some speed, Shostakovich 8 isn’t conducive to calming you down J.

In Town was a protest by the North East Frontline Patriots, about 30 unhappy people with a St. George’s flag on the plinth, protected by police on horseback (the horses having made their opinions clear on the matter), versus a couple of 100 counter protesters (antifa?). among the neon Nazis, who were calling us all Nazis, was a chap waving the Israeli flag, among these guys and gals – tanned like Trump – some of whom were doing Sieg Heil salutes, I was told. Was this Israeli a very bold young man or was he actually part of the confluence of far-right activities? Israel is apparently a source of funding for Tommy Robinson. NEFP is, it claims, mainly anti-child grooming and paedophilia, and is not racist, not against any religion and so forth, but the veneer is thin and it is really just a magnet for angry people of a far-right orientation who like to prove themselves by having a go at the police, as they did at the end. It always goes like that, at least one of them will get arrested or cautioned, it’s most odd, just like outside the HoC.

I did a live feed of it all on Facebook. My mate James had some middle-aged woman come up and have a go at him about the EU stuff on his van, then when he saw my footage he said he started crying and couldn’t stop. Another friend, in light of smashed windows of her pro-PV MP, has removed the EU flag from her front porch. This is very basic intimidation that’s been going on since the ref, as J put it, it’s the delegitimisation of people’s right to support the EU. He is going to see Ann Marie Trevalyan about her talk of threats of Berwick going up on flames. I found myself outside her office funnily enough and so did a bit of stickering.

Monday the Cooper Letwin bill came back from the Lords, who’d failed to filibuster it to death, their amendments were agreed by MPs and it was given Royal Assent that same night. This means that in the face of there being no deal on Friday – and the Tories and Labour are ‘in talks’ but are really both pissing about, having agreed only that they both hate FoM, but can’t agree even that what else they agree on could be ‘binding’ or if it is, it’d only be with May and she’s heading for the door anyway … we cannot trust a word these people say  … then we’re not facing a no deal Armageddon as May HAS to ask for more time. Already we’re gearing up as if we’re going to be involved in the EU elections in May (elections? To the undemocratic EU??). But today Tuesday, Leadsom is saying aloud she hopes Merkel will move on the backstop. Which bit of ‘the deal is closed’ doesn’t this fucking psycho understand? As Dunt put it, it’s amazing how stupid these people are and how they’ve managed to traduce this country’s standing to sitting in corridors waiting for permission to do things from people who we’d normally have been at least equal to.

Francois wants a second confidence vote in light of new information about May – irony is lost on the pig. He supported May last time, he won, how come he can’t get over it? JRM says great we can get MEPs back in and they can do maximum damage to the EU from within, vetoing this that and the other, denoting how much power we actually have, the bastard,

CSM is in Germany for a month and has said already it’s only since being there she’s realised how much of a toll Brexit has had on her health, and how refreshing it is to be out of the UK that is so viciously toxic and bitter right now. And will be for a long time, I suspect.

The ironies abound. Farage said he wanted to destroy the EU, instead it’s the UK that’s breaking up. the Tories are splintering, even ERG diehards are dumping the ERG, UKIP is split by this Brexit Party shit, the DUP’s lunge for power could see Ireland reunite. This appalling coalition of right-wingers and Puritans deluded themselves and conned us all into believing they’d liberate the UK, make it great again and destroy the EU. In fact, the UK is under threat, those parties are under threat, and the EU is stronger than ever. Who’d have thunk?

We have had May’s fireside chat to us, matched by Farage talking with his pint from the pub. What is this fucking shit? These kinds of threatening videos that bareknuckle boxers post to one another’s traveller families, this is what we’re reduced to.

I’d like to think none of this is having an effect, but it is. This week at SODEM might not be that much fun.


Most of the day at SODEM, L, Y, N came, and we hung around in the drizzle. Darren Crimes made two flybys, eyes wide darting left and right, this tight smirk on his face. He’s a sinister little shit.

A lovely couple from Lewes. We had quite a few drive-by toots of support, a few shouts of TRAITORS which is an upgrade from LOSERS. The best was as we gathered at 6pm for the shout and this large unhappy bloke lumbered past, ‘WANKERS’ only to be ignored and then blasted with The Shout which he hadn’t anticipated.

I was put up by Mu, a really lovely bloke who lost his job in the City due to Brexit as his bank upped sticks to Frankfurt. He argues these drips of job losses really are only the beginning, It’ll be a trickle and then a stream and so on, so for all the Brexiters efforts to downplay the job losses it’s really just the earliest days. They really are epically awful people. He volunteers on Tuesdays at a homeless soup kitchen, at least 70 or so lined up, ost of them sleep over in Stratford shopping centre although the centre puts the air-con on to move them, and the cash-strapped borough also puts down spikes to stop even sitting down. a lot of Eastern Europeans among the homeless, so if they’ve come to take our jobs and benefits it’s not gone very well. What a line of humanity, poor sods all.

SODEM was quiet though, there were maybe 30 of us all day toing and froing, Ma came, a nice woman from Belgium.

Si said if anyone called her a Nazi then it couldn’t be more offensive, but Nazi is the slur de jour. On the continent however we are, or our more extreme types are seen increasingly as Nazis. The Germans have always had to face their past and live through it, so they’ve deeply internalised the horrors of what their forebears did, whereas the Brits have no such point of reference, in fact everything we do spins out from this idea that we’re the motherland and defenders of democracy. The Irish see it for what it is, they always have.

As long as that belief is unassailed then in effect you can nail anything onto it. And there is a profound, pathological lack of introspection. Hence Mark Francois, the astonishingly despised MP no-one knew of 6 weeks ago, can deand a 2nd confidence vote in May, because the facts have changes, while also making this tub-thumping ‘perfidious Albion’ threat to the EU.

Lovely chat with Irish Peter who skulked into SODEM on March 29, did a surreptitious interview with the BBC, all EU stuff stashed away, hidden beside a tent. He said it was truly terrifying. Why he had to go there I can’t remember but into the sea of yellow he trundled. Mu said he did a similar thing and was warned to stay away anyway just by being south Asian but he had a look, got the vibe and left. He likes to delve deep into UKIP pages, beyond my gobby tussles, and has a lot of screen shots of stuff. I must ask him to send them over. We talked long and loud fro the point we met up, he’s a top geezer, and we ranted throughout NEWsnight, with some SDP MEP blaming everyone for his lack of a plan and all sorts and two Tories with daggers out for one another. Utter shite the lot of them.

May’s on the continent, the days are dwindling, the EU will only give us an extension if presented with a  credible plan (none forthcoming) and even then it’ll be a year. But there’s this quiet before the storm. Why was SODEM so quiet, not even the WTO lot were there, and they’re keen. Yellow vests are bell ends who need their bus fares paid, but none of the usual opponents, not one. All EU flags. is the stage being cleared for the denouement?

On another tack the new pro-EU page we weren’t happy with is not being well managed and has become a magnet for abuse, real sick abuse. Again I should have a look. The page is also a toe-tread and lazily conceived, but this is what’s become of that.

‘Bloody immigrants!’ … ‘I’m an immigrant’, ‘not you the other ones’.


A beautiful spring day in contrast with the drizzle.

P was very vocal on the way home about the real impact on EU citz here, that they’re leaving, that they hate it, that it’s the really nasty reality of all of this, and it does come back to, again and again, May insisting ‘freedom of movement will end’ and Corbyn apparently backing her up. The depravity of it.

There’s more to this I’m sure …

Thursday: A night at P’s, into town, just us SODEMites (lol), and Max of course, gleefully obnoxious. Lost child. A lost child in a MAGA hat among fools and neo-Nazis who it’s feared will turn on him. I talked of the neon-Nazi I see about who so often his face flashes from scowling to just looking lost with it all, like he’s so unsure why he’s there, doubts creep in. And you wonder, should I talk to him? Some on the front-line do believe that, tea and cake can solve so much. Certainly the hearts campaign is all about that, and so is Tusk. … it can’t be all uncoordinated. Like May in Brussels, in as EU blue an outfit as Merkel herself … hm…

But our friends are still in peril.


Note from FB

ast Friday I was buoyed. Monday I was down. Wednesday I was very down. Today … buoyed.
1) This is the rollercoaster we’ve been put on, it’s all push-pull, pulling the rug designed to drain us, tire us out.
2) Social media is toxic: bots and trolls deployed to spread lies, drain and distract us AND it’s a massive dopamine / adrenaline jag.
3) We are under attack for seeking to defend our rights, being called ‘traitors’ by bellends in hi-viz, the Commons, the Lords, Piers Morgan et al, as well as having phones in our pockets as portals to hell 24/7.
So bare all that in mind – it’s full-spectrum asymetric warfare which shows above all else the power, the evil of those pushing this. They don’t spend all that money, all this time, engaging in this way, for nothing. It’s a fucking far-right heist. Brexit is just a date, if that.
By that, surrender is for us, unconscionable.
Millions of us know it, we have to adapt to that, realise this is the fight of our lives … and I guess, love it. This is the making of us.

Wednesday 3 April

Friday we had such a nice party, singing in the street, everyone buoyed at what feels like a temporary reprieve, and the hope that a few more gammons’ minds might literally be blown … then this Monday we had another slew of indicative votes – and all were lost. Some succor was taken from the 2nd referendum getting the highest number of votes, and only within 12 of victory – 24 fucking Labour MPs defied the whip! – and the CU got very close. But the SNP’s revoke Art 50 a day before a No Deal crash out was shot down by loads. Someone pointed out this was the most sensible, but proposed by a woman, and a Scot, had Labour voted against out of some historic spite?

Francois came out red-faced, flushed, pissed? rude to a reporter, told Hammond ‘up yours’ on the radio. He is a full-on yob, who somehow has united the country in their hatred of him. He is also it must be said, tiny.

Much of the lift and optimism from Adonis on Friday evaporated with those votes, and Tuesday proved long and lightheaded in anxiety, and for me I need only feel a fraction of what it’s like for the Europeans here. This is so heinous a playing out. We all lament and mope and are so crest-fallen and other things. This is the rollercoaster we’re on, we’ve been put on, to tire us out. This is psy-ops as Moriarty would say.

May went into a day-long meeting on Tuesday and came out talking of another extension, and reaching out to Corbyn. A sense of reprieve – or is this another trap?

Barnier mentions how Farage once said to him his ambition was the destruction of the EU … but (I note on Friday) he still wants to be re-elected as we’re going into the EPs as May seeks a June 30 extension).

Cooper is seeking to push to have an extension mandated made into law should we come into the face of a no-deal, a binding law amid all indicative votes … that’ll be done by the end of the week somehow, all of a week before we could still crash out. This is the Cooper-Letwin bill, but the woman is a genius. Why the fuck come isn’t she Labour leader? The Tories would be dead already, left to collapse under the weight of their own evil.

Rees-Mogg has been tweeting consoling words from the AfD, Germany’s main opposition party as the BBC calls it, which … the thing is the AfD are the biggest opposition party, but that is because the two main parties are in coalition. So it’s how you spin it, the AfD is significant but not that significant. Significant enough though for JRM to cite them saying the UK should have been given all the opt-outs it sought. (Q: Is the AfD anti-EU? not sure …) JRM famously of course defends British concentration camps, and dined with Gregory Lauder-Foster.

At what point does it become so irrefuably clear that this man is a far-right scumbag?

I spat with Lord Digby Jonse on Twitter, he makes some vile point from the sidelines, I go at him, some today backs him up, saying he’s the son of a grocer and worked his way up, (all these plaudits claimed for being so boot-strap working class) – but now he wants to destroy everything? Fucking hell.

On another tack, the hardcore Leavers have progressed from assassinating MPs, threatening MPs, hijacking referenda, blocking emergency vehicles, beating up Poles, and standing on top of railway stations to trying to sabotage our railways. How is this not a full-on terrorist operation? Leavers on th eline.

So which movement has since 2015 assassinated a British MP, threatened MPs with rape and murder, threatened the police, threatened civil war, sabotaged rail lines, sabotaged democratic votes, blocked emergency vehicles, beaten up opponents, foreigners, fucked the economy:
b) the IRA
c) Leave
How is this fucking credible?
Good news:
Keep it up:
Anything good from this? Yes. We had a grand little session on Wednesday outside HM giving out Bollocks ot Brexit sign the petition stickers (petition having cleared 6 million, and cited by Donald Tusk [who we’re sending flowers to for speaking up for us where others won’t!] … it was debated in a side hall not the main chamber with next to no Tories present. Utter fucking cunts.
Anyway the uptake at HM was great, people loved the stickers and sought reams of them from us. We had one ‘traitor’ comment and a drive-by V-sign but it was all very good natured, very positive. We are doing a lot these days, with the ‘vigil’ opposite G’head town hall and things, and have another event lined up for Saturday in Mth. It’s true to say we’re doing a lot of it to keep our mind off things and keep us busy, and direct bad energy outwards in a positive way. How L responds to nasty comments is amazing, she skips about.
It’s all up and down, up and down.

Thursday, bit of Friday …


I needed a break so took the dog up the coast and a lovely time with chips and trolling along the beach we had, Sun making all the banksides of daffodils radiantly yellow, like little forests of firey windmills. It was a beautiful day, sunny but with enough clouds scooting along to keep it cool and make the sharp-blue sky interesting, creating that mosaic effect of patches of white and grey amid patches of varying hues of blue that lighten towards the horizon. The tide was right up as well.

We went to the bookshop, R had a good look and solicited a few ‘ahh’s from the punters. I bought Joachim Fest’s book about killing Hitler. How he took power and the apathy that faced him really struck, so many of centrists saw the problem, and in terms of political activists, support and certainly actual bootboys they heavily outnumbered the Nazis’ forces, but the order to act never came. For any of them. The old aristocrats of power blustered but were mainly co-opted, the Communists who’d sought the end of Weimar as well found they had no allies. And Hitler as a masterstroke won the chancellorship by the most urbane default. There was no violent uprising to take power, as others anticipated and were geared to react violently against, he just ‘assumed office’. And that was that. And based on that flimsy legitimacy all hell was unleashed as too many people, long jaded by Weimar but all its failings as well – a Republic doomed to die from its inception – merely shrugged. And the successes of the Nazis poured in as quickly as their diktats and demolition of the constitution poured out. The sheer speed of it all, in the face of which nobody knew what to do against the ultra-thin veneer of legitimacy, and then shutdown after shutdown, destroying people and posts and institutes systematically.

This is as far as I got in turning my mind off. Otherwise I did a bit of EU flag mafia work on Ann-Marie Trevalyan’s office, she who’d threatened that the people of Berwick would rise up and riot if Brexit were not delivered. The Tweed Riots. I have a new method of stickering, too hee hee hee.

Meanwhile the Donkeys have been at work in Blaydon, brilliantly so! Well done chaps.

How disunited our country is – except we all hate Mark Francois. The bellicose Mr Men caricature has united us all in contempt for him, Christ-like though he claimeth to be. We should dump Brexit and just have a referendum on how much we hate him.

Other than that even my good friend P is complaining of stomach pains. There is widespread genuine physical and mental aches and ailments. The sense of desperation from friends online, well it’s far beyond a ‘sense’, it’s wails of Hell.

Charles Moore – piece of shit saying Ireland overplayed its hand. It wasn’t their fucking problem. They didn’t vote for Brexit, why should they suffer for it? Then he claims the elites are scuppering things. Says this Etonian ex-Cambridge Telegraph editor. Jesus, the transparency of the lie, that they’ve co-opted themselves into buying it.


Early Friday:

Following talks with Coalbin, May asks the Eu for an extension to June 30. This takes us through the European elections. That’ll be some serious campaigning … but a positive one, really, ramming home the positives about the EU, ‘having a fucking election’.

Following May’s ‘reaching out’ to Coalbin, she now seeks til June 30 from the EU, knowing they’ll want a year + 2nd ref etc and that involves us in the European elections.
1) Is this the true outcome of her meet with Coalbin?
2) Are they as much sharing the blame all round as now actually ‘panicking’ in the face of the disaster of their combined making?
These bastards. Coalbin has had a long meeting with May on Wednesday, with Keir and some others, with the fate of the PV unclear but it seems a unity from Coalbin and May to kill Freedom of Movement, to entrap us all, except the rich, on Brexshit Island. Even Francois has an Irish passport. What a fucking piece of shit they collectively are. And the arrogance of it. None of us ever went to them and said ‘fuck your life and what you do as a by-product of my idiotic decision’.

Today I must write to the PCC to complain about the Telegraph article asking for Sturgeon to be beheaded. Utter fucking maniacs.

I think we’re having a day off from Cooper’s bill as well, demanding May get an extension in lieu of No Deal. This had, incredibly, cleared three readings and votes in the HoC, passing in the end at literally the 11th hour by one vote, 312-313, despite filibustering from Bill Cash. Lammy noted he’d had half a mind to go to a Spurs game, which would have killed the bill, thank God he didn’t (well he says that, he might be playing to the crowd a bit, seeing how in-side he is with all this …). It made it through the HoC and was battering through the HoL on Thursday, albeit with a bandwagon of Tory Lords, Lilley, Lawson, Howard, the old guard of arseholes, wanking furiously at it. Lord Fowler the Speaker shot one down over a call of ‘point of order’ as they don’t have these in the Lords.

Lawson meanwhile threatens civil war again and that’s it’s reasonable.

I’m amazed at the physical abilities of the Lords in this regard to keep it up for so long, incontinent scumbags that they are.


From a friend:

“On Wednesday night, BBC Newsnight revealed some life-saving drugs have proved impossible to stockpile – including those used to treat epilepsy – and that the doctors who had been given this information had been told to keep quiet.

Back in January the health secretary Matthew Hancock told parliament that the requisite medicine supplies had been stockpiled in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Last night we learned that was not the case. Currently, a no deal would mean potential shortages of three important drugs for epilepsy, bipolar disorder and neuropathic pain. This would be life threatening for patients.

Dr David Nicholl, consultant neurologist at University Hospital Birmingham received the confidential documents in March and has since refused to keep quiet. Thanks to him, patients with epilepsy including myself now understand the consequences of a no-deal Brexit. (I was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of seven. My seizures are fairly controlled thanks to my medicine but they come in the night or times of great stress).”

We know that the health services and charities and companies have been gagged … then things ‘leak’ out, as a civil servant’s report into the Daily Mail the other day.

Civil servants working on Brexit however are having treatment for mental health issues. Maybe from the minister of suicide.


Friday 29 March ….

53799344_2294667150772676_1787889486827356160_nToday was the day we should have left the EU … and we’re not. Jesus what a relief, if only for two weeks.

It came in three phases. For the last few days there’s been much talk of how dangerous Parliament Sq could be, with all the Gammons coming in from all directions, the March to Leavers, arseholes like Farage, Hoey, O’Neill stoking up the crowd from their stage. Only a few thousand of them there’ll be (as turned out to be) but enough to smash the place up. UKIP and Tommy Robinson are also out on the angry prowl, long and short being P Sq, well it’s best to retreat and let the sods have their fit. By that, being a Friday, SODEM isn’t standing – although MV3 is on today, but the police advised STeve not to do it. Fair enough. Hunter though sees this as capitulating the common land, which is true, and P and a few dedicated Heart to Leavers have counter-protested at the March to Leave in Putney, ‘you don’t understand democracy! Fascists!’ etc being levied at them, the later FB live footage from P from a bridge looking down onto a river path, P and the Hearts singing adn shouting ‘where is Farage?’ while the Leavers shuffled along. Took them just over 5 minutes to pass along the path, compared with four hours to get Remainers down Park Lane last week. Apparently we didn’t have a BBC chopper covering our march while UKIP/Leave got one … but real bravos to P and crew.

As they converged on Parl Sq (Putney to Parl Sq is quite a walk still), I was at N Coll for a talk with Lord Adonis organised by DH and LB and LM for NE4EU, with 40-odd local business people and a few activists (including Mike from S’land, 9 years ago! Good lad :)), which I FB Lived, albeit the first few minutes were a bit mangled. This was fascinating, a really strong representation of local business people still in the fight, discussing what No Deal means for themr, their workers, their own families, and how they can really endeavour to persuade the waverers in their firms to support Remain.

Halfway through the talk we got the result of MV3 (although ti’s really MV 2.5 seeing as only half of it was on offer), another resounding shootdown. Adonis was very positive about this and argued that really now the only recourse is to ask for a longer extension that the EU will definitely give, on April 10, but for a year or so. According to him it’s legally mandated that this request is made, while he said the EU would be very receptive because they really don’t want Brexit either. The idea that Italy could veto he scotched, saying one flick from Germany via the central bank would sink the debt-laden Italian despite Salvini’s leanings. His bullishness doesn’t quite fit with how others present it, saying Monday is absolute D Day or we crash out with No Deal on April 12 … Monday being the day of round 2 regarding a 2nd referendum or a Customs Union. Apparently many Tory MPs are going to attend a seminar on what the CU is. Meanwhile the DUP is refusing more bribes and now leans toward revocation because of the risk to the border leading to a united Ireland altogether …

Y’day and before our MEPs have begun to leave Brussels, syaing their goodbyes, Nigel threatening that Brexit better happen because ‘you don’t want me back’. You’re never fucking there, Nigel, you vile colossal joke. Another Brit MEP made the point that the UK Govt had never taken the EU seriously and presented its work, instead blaming it for everything, and letting slip all the decades of lies from our media. We’ve been so sold short by our own fucking side. Bastards.

A real bastard is of course JRM, lying through his teeth on LBC, that the majority voted for a No Deal, that Art 24 would save us, while I relayed with another guy as he posted repeatedly in teh comments ‘JRM sought a second referendum’ while I just said ‘LYING BASTARD’ over and over. It was quite fun, it’s great fun knowing there are others out there who’ll just do this, batter batter batter. Among it all tho JRM did say a few times, ‘I regret to say we’ll be in teh EU for a while’ yet’, which leans towards Adonis’ view, too. He was also getting a lot fo comments saying he was a turncoat, as he’d been no deal for so long but now backed May’s deal because it was that or no Brexit at all. Wanker. Fucking wanker. He wants applause for surrendering to terror while he’s been this capricious demon hoping to get a No Deal all-a-fucking-long. Utter cancer.

VM is in despair as to how much more she can take and is very upset about Monday and what it forebodes.

Not much sign of London going up on flames yet although one report was that in CoL someone was stopped with a firearm. Oh and Batten had to retract his rumour of the Met deploying water cannons, they emphatically denied it which he could have asked to them directly but instead sought to spread panic and fear. Fucking utter total bellend.