Going into town to stand with SODEM outside the House of Commons. The vote will likely fail, because neither leavers nor remainers want it, but this will leave things wide open, not least because the press and the senior leavers are hammering on about the thwarting of democracy – a putrid lie as we know how corrupted the 2016 ref was, but this isn’t the mainstream message, ‘in your opinion’ as BBC commentators will say. We see it also in the referring to the 2017 election result where 80% of voters voted for parties with Brexit in their manifesto. Jesus, we didn’t have a fucking choice, they’d both capitulated to the drum-beating, berating hysteria of leave’s ‘win’ in 2016.

It won’t end today, not by a long straw. I was briefly at the HoC yesterday during the day, the Brexit Betrayal bus going back and forth, the stop Brexit signboard van doing the same, cameps of leavers and remainers, it was all quite civilised, a coachload of schoolchildren were going in to watch the debates – a truly historic time to come to the HoC! And I got them to shout ‘stop Brexit!’ which was fun. In the evening all was quiet, with an air of the English camp on the eve of battle in Henry V.

We’ll see what we get today.

We’ve had Boris saying he knows more about making cars than the CEO of JLR. Threats from Grayling. The manic maneouvrings of May, Grieve, Copper and Bercow. The EU’s tax directive that no-one in the MSM talks about.


The threat to the Union:


The paucity of the opposition:


Lammy: https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/brexit/2019/01/david-lammy-there-no-left-wing-justification-brexit?fbclid=IwAR04Q5M7nD5l0FSRDqnFmDWHMMcOMairCKX3E0xwx-H5Npc8mw2vUc6qahE

Martin: 50005829_10213604292686567_741121899987206144_n

The far-right: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jan/09/top-pro-brexit-yellow-vest-activist-said-all-muslims-should-be-removed-from-uk?fbclid=IwAR3qtGHZt8wRQNjJJdOEJ6n0tbNvYZF700nZ0ioCpFOUprI8vffkD3GaGso

The corrupt: https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/foreign-affairs/brexit/news/101059/tory-mp-made-privy-counsellor-says-he-will-support-brexit?fbclid=IwAR0nAAZ60f9OIfLnBnZyl4E99cjKyGX_yAwe-uGEJy0XNLw80zuiljpeHLA

The vain hope:


The grassroots: 49422707_10157046187258060_2421842198908633088_o

The tragic reality: today


Black mood …

“Smith briefed May on Friday on the explosive document, which says: “Such an attempt represents a clear and present danger to all government business.
“Without control of the order paper, the government has no control over the House of Commons and the parliamentary business and legislation necessary to progress government policies. The government would lose its ability to govern.”
A senior government source said that May and her aides were “shellshocked” and declared: “This could be game over for Brexit.” Another added: “This sounds very like a very British coup — and one that has profound implications for democracy.”
Crucially, Commons sources say the Speaker, John Bercow, is likely to allow the gambit to proceed. It can now be revealed that one of the rebel ringleaders, the former attorney general Dominic Grieve, visited Bercow in his official residence on Tuesday, the day before the Speaker tore up Commons rules to help remainer MPs.
Last night, Grieve refused to deny he was examining plans to seize control of the Commons timetable. He said: “I have no doubt that lots of people may be looking at all sorts of ideas since we are in a deepening national political crisis.”
Britain will leave the EU on March 29 unless there is a new act of parliament overturning existing Brexit legislation. Senior Brexiteers assume this is not possible as the government controls the timetable of Commons business. The plot, which May’s aides believe is being orchestrated by Sir Oliver Letwin, an ally of David Cameron, would torpedo that assumption.”
The Times.

This is where we’re at. I’ve just emailed Bercow sending my support.

Today my mood was black as. Tomorrow I’m going to London to see vile lawless thugs-for-hire of Farage spitting around the House of Commons, as they will on Tuesday. We have the likes of Grayling saying these are the people we need to appease or there’ll be Hell from them in a no-Brexit scenario.


Then May comes out saying it’s my deal or catastrophe. Like, that’s not a fucking far-right threat? Agree with me or I’ll kill you all?

I think everyone’s very tired. On Sat I in all but actual words and tone told a leaver to fuck off. Another stall had a supporter getting very aggy with passers-by, then the stall host today bailed from our groups, citing abuse. I asked him to tell us all what’d happened, that we’re all very tired, on edge, we’re in each other’s pockets literally by social media and that I’d been sharp with a punter, so … I’ve also left a group ‘UK politics and debate with humour’ at the diabolical glibness and retrofitted bullshit rationale for every new shade of clusterfuck from Brexit that comes to light. The stupidity, they must be more subtle trolls or bots, anyway I told a few to go fuck themselves, they’re bellends, cancer, etc, then bailed. But very kindly two of the saner ones MSGed me to say they were sorry to see me go. Bluntly, I said I wanted them to suffer the consequences of their stupidity and evil, and one of my supporters said he couldn’t disagree.

Anyway we then get some primeval shit like this: sacrifice

This’d be funny at any other time. Now it’s just weird. I don’t believe a no-deal would be this bad … but it’s that we have a government prepared to threaten us with it.

Cascade wall of poison and fear in the newspaper stand at the Coop, as expressed here by the BBC, which is as diabolical a source of information these days. ‘That’s a remainer narrative’ as Evan Davis said the other day, earlier he’d had two people on laughing away as they blamed the ‘metropolitan elites’ for failing to sell the remain case – the narrative is in fact that remain is to blame for everything, including leave’s criminal wrongdoing and lies. I even got a form of this off some chap on FB blaming the Italian mill girls for not having applied for their proper papers all these years, then when he was called out for being a gammon he said ‘this is why remainers are changing sides’. Seriously, fuck off.

sunday expresssunday telegraphsunday timesmail on sundayobserver

Someone on the 48 preppers said they’d seen a rat in the back garden. A reply was to catch it and breed them as a good source of protein. Hard to tell if they’re joking.


eu beermatsWent to the pub and deployed some beermats, like something out of Alone in Berlin.

I remember now what the missus was saying earlier, top level cancer research at the university’s facility has been ruined, says its German lead scientist, not least as EU funding has stopped as they’ve transferred it to another in-the-EU university, leading to not only our exclusion from the project but redundancies as well. All predicted, all so utterly, evilly avoidable.

‘Wetherspoons Worzel’, the missus points out Worzel Gummidge was to some a beloved character from their childhood, a benevolent buffoon, not some far-right tax-avoiding bastard.

There’s been a gas explosion in Paris that’s killed three. Apparently the gilets jaune have been stopping ambulances getting through, while Katie Hopkins is there telling people it’s a false-flag operation by the French government. These people are hideous.

It’s a percentages game. Some fool on FB said it didn’t matter about EU staff in the NHS leaving, they only make up 6% of the staff and are mostly lower end, lesser importance. 6% is still thousands of employees, and you need those HCAs and porters and nurses, they are the ones keeping people alive by constant care, monitoring, mopping, cleaning, turning them over. This FB person must have been a bot. I hope so. It’s astounding and demoralising that there are so many people not only now enabled and empowered to be overtly racist and discriminatory, but to talk such shit. Dangerous shit.  And this is what stuns so many people, it’s being faced with such incredible mindlessness, and indifference.

Berlin 1932 – left vs. right street battles brewing up already, under Weimar May. Just like I said in September.

Dogging with Himmler

This is a Channel 5 venn-diagram program idea, maybe historic as they were all about Nazis, porn and cars when they started. “Hitler’s glovebox jazz-mags” was another documentary we nearly saw … Henry VIII’s lost palace, Anne Boleyn: queen for a thousand days, Wallis and Edward: Victims of love, and Kate v Meghan: princesses at war? is this Saturday’s line up so they’ve gone full-on royal. Possibly Edward VIII’s interest in Nazis was the gateway segue to this. Channel 4 has a dog in this fight with Princess Diana’s ‘wicked stepmother’. Dudes, WTF?

Out on the stall today in Whitley Bay, a very good turnout of Remainers and some 85 respondents to our Brexitometer, overwhelmingly saying ‘it’s shit, give it up already’. The wife was there, holding court, had a nice chat with D whose partner is very down though about all this, as she would be, as he is too, this is the reality of it, the side no-one sees. There were three Leavers of note: one who was pro-leave due to immigration concerns (was he just a bigot? Is there any room for justifiable nuance? He was concerned about Albania … who’re further down the queue than Turkey, who’ll be ahead of us in the queue to rejoin the EU in 10 years’ time … )’; one who believed in the New World Order threat (?!?!); and one who campaigned for leave in 2016 and said ‘how many votes do you want, until you get the answer you want?’ I said ‘it was corrupt’, then ‘becasue it’s crap’ ‘Oh well I’m not going to get very far with you, am I?’ ‘No.’ Off he stalked. Berk.

Pushing and prodding, Jason got a lot of that in the last Wetherspoons pub he was allowed in, as did Maddy today in London, someone hitting her shoulder, they’re getting very invasive these Leavers … front page of the Journal is about the police anticipating a spike in hate crime come March like there was in 2016. Fuck this for a game of cards.

FAcebookery: I’ve been thrown out the Jacob Rees Mogg dick-suck page, last I read was of people warning of Kalgeri (sp? An Austrian count who laid down pan-Europeanism in the 1920s with a view to allowing mass immigration to dilute the white race to nothing, creating a ‘soup’ race and whites being subjugated. It is truly unbelieveable what these peopel believe. But that said, there’s a chap Jason Tillman who’s arguing the majority voted for this, they voted to shut down our aviation, to ‘change’ and ‘change is good’, then chided his critics saying they ‘need more faith’. Yes, the Lord will provide. Except he fucking won’t. It’d be funny if it weren’t so alarming that these people exist, they are the other side to the violent bastards kicking stalls over.

People’s Vote on the Quayside was the same, although one of their volunteers was full of aggro. There was a fair bit of shouting at Stockton too, they packed up after only an hour, very low uptake of punters’ views, although the result was like everywhere else, but I’d missed several rounds of abuse in their opening minutes. Instead I turned up and said ‘we had a vote in June 2016! We can build our own cars,” to which they looked a bit startled, then when I heard about the aggro I thought oh shit they’re not in the mood, poor loves.



The heat has been turned up this weekend in the run up to Tuesday’s vote, and in London some 200 bellend jaune flocked to block the roads to ambulances etc and descend upon Trafalgar Square to give Owen Jones a lot of pushing and spitting. Bearded bunglecunt Jamie Goddard was arrested again – not in his hi-viz, mind, his cowardly followers don’t wear them so much –  but with his gang of rescidivist offenders calling the police ‘the Gestapo’ – they are simply thugs looking for a cause, money, a YouTube channel and a splash in The Sun. Yet the government takes them seriously – Grayling now saying stopping Brexit would let in the far-right ( link). Jesus shat. Even Chamberlain appeased Hitler to play for time, to get the back up plan going, and nearly took it to war in 38. This is appeasement because the Tories see their base voting that way. Which I also said on FB, to derision from a certain few …

but  there was conflation with some socialist rallies that converged on T Square where McDonnell was talking, and I read a few supporters were in hi-viz in solidarity with the French protesters. If so, this is wholly tone-deaf, the gilets jaune in the UK is a troll-prole hijacking of those in France, it’s the domain of the far-right, although of course the far-left in Corbyn and McDonnell are also as rabidly anti-Brexit. Wittingly or no, this is an unholy alliance.

I am in London Monday and Tuesday, hopefully many will come to the HoC. Sis is going to come and was going to bring the girls as an experience in protest and democracy. I said later I think it’d be wise not to, she said she already thought thus …

Fucking hell. So we’re going out to lay some EU beermats around the place.

Wife has been reading up 48 Preppers, people think the water supply will be affected as the chemicals to treat water come from the EU. Wife contacts Northumbrian water to ask if this is the case, NW say fundamentally, no, and they’re on the case. Good work wife. Shame the government couldn’t have assured us, but they’re criminally stupid as well as stupid criminals.

Strange days

I was messaged late last night to ask if on Saturday I could go down to Redcar to provide support for MP Ann Turley who’s being targeted by the EDL. God knows what I’m supposed to do, stand there, look mean but not respond to their goads? I said yes of course, and was a bit excited, these are seriously crazy times. In the event it was cancelled, so I’ve been asked to help counter trolls on Turley’s Twitter feed.

Chatted with EU Supergirl last night about strategies on Tim Martin and his bullshit tour, apparently he was not well received in Manchester or Hull, lots of Brexiters complaining that Remainers are disruptive – by that they mean they took Martin’s billing of his appearances as ‘debate’ as debate, i.e. they ask questions, and haul him up when he tells lies – of which he tells alot. Supergirl got frustrated because Martin doesn’t debate, he just drones on, doesn’t answer points, just steamrollers, which we all knew he’d do,

He talks alot about democracy as well, which is odd because today he had front door security stop Jason Hunter entering the pub venue in Southampton because Hunter actually knows what he’s talking about and Martin is afraid of him. So afraid of him he then called ahead to the Swan in Weymouth where Hunter was already parked up and had him thrown out. This led to a cascade of ‘wtfs’ on Facebook, but I got the Dorset Echo to look into it and they said they were already on it. We’ll have to use that story for all the local press to have in mind when Martin continues his ‘debates’ or rather, ‘shuttup and listen to me’. Incredibly cynical exploitation of his audience, sinister, too, his propaganda full of populist smears about ‘Oxbridge elites’ and ‘toffs’ conspiring to stop Brexit – odd, he doesn’t talk about JRM like that – but immediately ad hominem blows up his case, because he knows he doesn’t have one.

I found a page called Brexit CHAT the aftermath which seemed to like Martin’s visit to Eastbourne a great deal. They can’t hold a coherent thought in their head, complaining about fearmongering regarding medicine shortages, then attacking MPs seeking to avert a no-deal by limiting spending on no-deal preparation by asking ‘what if vital supplies run out?’ Idiots. So I made a few comments, then I got blocked. adftermath 1aftermath 2arseholes

That’s what democracy means to these people. Wife gets anxious when we stockpile, I have to reassure her, we’re ideally placed, we have no dependents, no life-dependency drugs, we’re weeks ahead of everyone else. But the fact she’s panicked at all I find very very very angering. What kind of fucking government is this, to have created this situation? Outstandingly awful people.

Oh, then there was these bellends. paranoia

I’ve read on Twitter May has called MEPs to No. 10 to prepare for the May elections to the EU, but it’s so far just a rumour.

Depressing snippet of the situation our beloved 3 million are still in, with some punter ignoring her comments and talking about Heathrow. As they say, the indifference is astounding.

cnn 11 1 19bbc at 11 1 19

See above screenshots of CNN and our own British state news site, why are the Americans having a top story about security needing to be beefed up in case of panic buying, but nothing on the BBC about it?

Tory MPs seem to think it’ll all be fine, although they don’t seem to cognate shortages of medicine (little chance) with hold-ups in ports (substantial chance). They’re in their own bubble, feeding off their own propaganda, ignorance, furthered by Guido Fawkes, The Sun, the Telegraph, their friends in the club, The Vine Show, the BBC, they’re all locked in their own swirl of self-supporting conviction. The lie’s only as good as the mileage it’s given and vice versa. It’s like the junk bonds and debt repackaging that led to the 2008 crash.


Meanwhile our useless MP Liz Twist, amid tweets and posts about opening a new park bench, tweeted something about people needing to check what medicines they’ll need re shortages from Brexit. She did a paragraph on Brexit in her NEw YEar’s letter, but that’s it. We have this slither of a ‘warning’ … Christ her leadership on this is beyond contemptible, as the wife and I have found to our greatly frustrated cost.

Letter to the Journal, sparked by an MP shitting on FoM.

I am a journalist, a writer, among other things. As a creative I don’t make a huge amount of money, I’m not interested in it, but I earn enough, I pay my dues, I don’t sponge.
Freedom of Movement is part of my life and my work, I was away in Germany just last year for some months, recuperating from various things, networking, working, paying my way. I was thinking of moving there, as millions of Brits have done and would do, going off to find and create opportunities, making their way through true entrepreneurs, benefiting from the vast Single Market that Margaret Thatcher championed.
This is a right for 65 million Brits and their descendants that’s being cast to the bin.
As millions of Europeans have done for the UK, built their homes, lives, families, businesses here. What the overwhelming majority, overwhelming majority bring to this country in skills, earnings, and humanity, on every front, money, tax as well, they contribute far more than they take out.
Killing Freedom of Movement kills all that. I can’t just up sticks and park up anywhere across the continent unless I’ve hit some minimum income threshold which as a freelance I might make some year, but not the next. And so it’ll be for millions of other Brits who’re now effectively trapped in this country, who may have nothing here, but cannot leave and develop on the continent, and lose out on all they could do, and all they could bring back.
The million-plus British, with their British passports, who took up the opportunities open to them in Europe are continuing to face serious stress, years now, about their future, their lives abroad, having been wholly abandoned by HMG for having taken up the very opportunity that HMG brokered for them and enshrined in treaty and law. The same is as tragically true for millions of Europeans here, who were assured by the government, by Leave at the referendum, that whatever happened their status would not change. But now they have to apply, to be vetted, to live in their own homes, to apply to stay in the country they call home, but now where any random fool will hear their accents and be pushed, spat at, barked at, ‘leave means leave! You should be gone! Go home! Queue jumpers!’, and all the other vile bullshit spat out by this government and its policy of a Hostile Environment, aided and abetted by liars like Tim Martin and the far-right press.
Who voted for this?
I’ve got friends in Berlin, level-headed sane people, like I do in the US. They are as afraid as many people here at the speed with which this country is heading towards becoming a vicious, racist little police state, an impoverished, isolated land where its executive and governing party appear cravenly beholden to thugs in hi-viz, to little Englanders, to imperial fantasists and outright con-men.
Whether Brexit happens, in whatever form, whether it’s abominable or by some weird miracle somehow is unicorns on sunlit uplands for all, what will not change, what is only going to get worse, is this pernicious, pitiful but utterly vile undertow of xenophobia and hate that this whole process was apparently inspired by but has served to capitalise upon, stoke up and normalise. This legacy will take decades to undo, meanwhile, we are losing and will continue to lose the best of our friends who’ve come from just across the water, and from there no-one will replace them. This is already and will only worsen to hammer our NHS, our industries, our research facilities, our universities, our communities, our families, our lives, our country, for decades.
That’s what the loss of Freedom of Movement means. It’s not just bean-counting crop-pickers like chattle. And they’re people, too.
Best regards
Robin Tudge
Anyway, I’m booked to go to London to SODEM on Tuesday. SAturday I was going to do stalls in Whitley Bay and Stockton, but I’ve been called to ride shotgun for Anna Turley MP as the EDL are planning to make her life Hell.
What fucking times are these?
Days of our lives.
You know, they don’t have to be quite so interesting, all the time.