Brilliant IKEA butter dish – lampshade combo

PS: IKEA fessed up to the error of the ways, and I’ve accepted £4.50 from them as recompense and to punish them for their sins.

Dear IKEA,
we bought a butter dish from your shop and the lid’s too small to fit any standard UK butter pack. You can see on the attached picture that the lid or cover or dish-hat or whatever it is sits atop the butter like a lampshade, it’s like the butter’s trying to hide or something.


I’d like a refund please.
Also I wanted to send this by email so I wrote it in the online email box thing on your website, but when I clicked to read the privacy policy and then returned to this page all the info I’d put in had been deleted, which is a complete faff, but more to the point, I can’t send you this email unless I agree to your privacy policy, by which you demand:
‘If you provide any personal information to us you give us permission to contact you for marketing purposes, which may include messages via post, telephone, SMS or email.’
No I don’t. Why should I only be able to complain about your bizarre products on pain of being blitzed with demands from you to buy more of them?
Then it says:
‘…you can update, change or remove any personal information at any time by calling, writing or emailing us using one of the options provided below.’
But if I’m sending you an email, you demand the right to save my personal information. So I can only email you to say delete this personal information if I agree to you saving it again? It’s as duplicitous as your shop floor layout and as suspicious as the butter in the picture above.
I tell you now, do not contact me with any marketing information and do not share my information with anyone.
Yours faithfully,


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