Ukulele this

Just like soft-colours became all the rage in adverts, now they’re deploying the use of ukuleles at every turn! Listen out, they’re everywhere.

George Formby used to smash one out on his ukulele when leering through bedroom windows at women in states of undress, a practice he was able to carry out by the innocent guise of being a window cleaner, in a similar way to kiddy fiddlers accessing the materials needed for their craft by becoming Boys’ Brigade leaders or BBC presenters.

Funnily enough it was Formby who allowed me to establish a friendly rapport with the school psycho, as one day at a cricket game I was at the bat and as the ball fled towards me I shouted ‘OO MOTHER!’, inspired by a run of Formby films showing on BBC2 at the time, and Psycho at wicket stood up and said, ‘Oi I watch those, they’re brilliant!’

Thanks George!


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