70s TV, fondly remember The Sexual Harassment Boat

I just remembered seeing a few years ago an episode of the Love Boat where the ship’s doctor is falsely accused of sexual harassment by a female passenger who’s really just trying to get the attention of her philandering husband by pretending other blokes fancy her, so she targets the doctor who’s given her some kind of consultation early in the show. And it works, the husband kicks off and gets all protective and litigious, and the doctor spends the episode moping around thinking maybe he should hang himself or something at the career-ruining injustice of it all. All this comes to a head in the captain’s cabin, when as the charges are read out, suddenly the wife can’t go through with it and recants and explains why she made it up, and the errant husband realises the error of his ways and also apologises, and the doctor, incredibly, just shrugs it off with a smile, ‘o well there you go such are the tribulations of life, hope you patch it all up’. So that’s fucking hell point number 1.

Fucking hell point number 2, after the reconciled couple go off to consummate their reconciliation, with a knowing wink and nudge, the doctor asks the captain what he would have done had the charges actually had substance and he’d been fully brought to book, and the captain grins and rips up the charge sheet!

Top this off with fucking hell point number 3, this is all done to canned laughter.

I’m pretty sure it’s not the episode posted below because I’m not going to risk polluting my mind again, but if anyone can tell me which episode it was, because there is like 200 of the damn things, I’d love to know.



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