Google en-crapped-on

Google announced on Thursday it is bolstering encrypting its Gmail system to stop unwarranted snooping, by using https instead of http. Https is more secure than http, but still flawed, as the Electronic Frontier Foundation has reported: (note the EFF story is https, but the Google Blog is on http – ?!)

Still, a valiant move by Google nonetheless, moving to https having become “a top priority after last summer’s revelations,” alluding to the NSA’s capers, but not mentioning the NSA specifically … because they can’t stop the NSA or any US spies from delving. Not least because that’s what they do for a living, but because the Patriot Act demands US firms hand over all data accrued from beyond the US to the spooks for free.

That doesn’t apply to US citizens, though, *phew*. But so what? Is the timing of Google’s statement just to distract away from a class action lawsuit that was brought against Google for violating the privacy of Gmail, a suit that only this week was thwarted in the courts?

In any case, as Google has done a lot of business with the NSA and others, setting up Intellipedia for one Would Google really jeopardise its well-paid relationship with the spies by making their job harder? Could it if it wanted to?


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