If you poison everyone, they can’t eat, so their teeth won’t rot

It’s always the way of the industrial age that if one profiteering practice causes a disaster, the solution is never desist, but apply another profiteering practice. So the solution to industries freely shitting carcinogens onto everybody is not stick a filter on the stack, but to have those factories make medicines to treat the arising cancers. The solution to global warming is not to move as quickly as possible away from CO2-emitting hydrocarbon fuels to tidal power and fuel cells, but to make a Space solar screen (presumably under the UN’s control? lol); to not reduce our CO2 output, but fill the oceans with iron oxide and encourage algae to soak up all that CO2; not to switch to lower-input organic farming, but replace all crops with Monsanto’s copyrighted GM foods and beholden our ability to eat to their lawyers. And so the solution to rotting teeth is not eat less sugar, but fluoridate our entire water supplies.

The problem is sugar. People eat foods stuffed with sugar by food manufacturers, sold by supermarkets who go out of their way to stop people knowing what’s in their food, and because people choose to eat too much choc and pop not least because it’s now available everywhere. And this causes kids to treat the world like a wall-of-death ride, and causes obesity and diabetes, and that causes untold amounts of misery and costs in fuel and treatments and all sorts.  

So the solution, surely to God, is cut sugar production and exclude it from the processed food chain. But that would be too easy, especially when there’s a sitter of a technical solution waiting for us to deploy at our ever greater cost, i.e. throw a vile industrial by-product into our reservoirs by the megatonne. Brilliant, why didn’t I think of that.



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