Bookdrop at the Ministry of Justice for April 1

From Liberty:

Dear Writers,

We would like to invite you to join Shami and Liberty staff at a book drop outside the Ministry of Justice at 11.30am on Tuesday 1st April, as part of our ongoing protest against the prison book ban.

 Liberty will be wrapping up a large present of books for the inmates of HM Prisons c/o Justice Secretary Chris Grayling. Tuesday 1st also happens to be Mr Grayling’s birthday (as well as April Fool’s Day) so we’ll also have a ‘birthday’ present for Grayling too – a copy of Liberty’s pamphlet ‘Churchill’s Legacy – The Conservative case for the Human Rights Act’ in a bid to address our wider concerns over Grayling’s plans to devastate legal aid and human rights.

 Please do let us know:


·         If you can come along on Tuesday to help deliver the present. Liberty House is situated very near the MOJ in Westminster so please join us first from 11am and we can head over together

·         If you want to donate any books, or one of your own books for the book drop


We’re planning to invite the press so we’d appreciate it if you’d keep our plans confidential for now. We will let you know when we are ready to share more widely and your help with this would be extremely welcome!






Sally Scott
Project Officer

Protecting civil liberties


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