Climate change, poor diets, industry, delivering streets of shit

The arteries of our city sewers are blocking up, but that ain’t the worst of it.

The greatest source of fat in our diets used to come from things like chops or Sunday roasts, within my lifetime meat was part of people’s diet twice or three times a week, and the fats would be saved and reused throughout the week. These days thanks to industrialised farming producing much more meat of lower quality, we eat a lot more meat with much higher proportions of fat, while the rise of industrialised processed foods and the needs of more people working longer hours, as per the demands of the industrial economies, has eroded cooking skills, and all fats are poured away. This blocks the sewers, which are already coming under far greater attack as it were from increased rainfall due to climate change, which is coming about not least due to too much CO2 being produced from the increasing industrialisation of all things, not least in processing and distributing foods, and at the source, farming. And to that end biofuels spell the End of the World as we put farmland, with its productive capacity already under pressure from climate change, towards producing biofuels, which have a terrible return of energy input to output, but also pitches the needs of industrial energy demand directly against the needs of mankind to eat – with usable farmland falling in supply, while demand for food and fuel only rises – and demand for fuel to produce food and biofuel – as the world economy grows and numbers of people grow, and their material/dietary demands grow. It may be in this case that the source of biofuel is a waste by-product and not produced directly for power station consumption – but if you build power stations that come to demand this source of fuel then you’re embedding another problem, and not addressing the problem of poor diet, lack of culinary skills, and industrialised agriculture. And we see all this manifest in streets overflowing with shit.


The Great British Bugger Off Will Yer

The Great British Bake Off, The Great British Sew Off, The Great British Allotment Challenge Off, the Great British O Just Bugger Off. 

What else can we add to this matrix of win-win cheap TV? The Great British Toilet Unblocking Off – bunged up bogs are GREAT and BRITISH and from any number of actors’ casting websites we can enlist ordinary members of the public who have personality and can weep completely unprovoked as they overcome or succumb to a series of knockout round challenges.

Week 1, some tyke’s rammed most of a loo roll down the bowl – points awarded for how clean contestants can keep the toilet brush of sodden paper!

Week 2, someone’s had a dump the size of a handbag – scale that and stay fashionable!

Week 3 – combine the challenges of weeks 1 and 2 – but add a puddle of piss as a dilemma for the unblocker … do they clean it up and add more paper to the pile? Or risk treading in it while they attack the ziggurat of shit before them?

All accompanied by plunky-plink plonk string music and interspersed with bleach-colour adverts with bunting and ukulele music – or more and more, tunes with whistling!

Get Sandi Tokvsig or Sue Perkins to present and spike the cannons of all those who claim there aren’t enough women on telly!

There’s an ENTIRE MONTH’S SUPPLY OF COCAINE’s worth of ideas in this pitch.

Requieum for the Redundant Man

A highly capable manager is made the fall guy for one billionaire’s incomprehension over 11 millionaires proving suddenly unable to do their jobs, as shown to them by the success Mr Moyes’ former club. It was the lost Champions’ League revenues that Glazer had planned to hose on debts that lost Moyes his job.

Who could manage a team with so vast and so fragile an ego as Manchester United, with its ‘fans’ from Wall Street to the highlands of Vietnam, a club with so epic a sense of entitlement, this … rich man’s bauble? Who could manage under such mercenary ownership? Who would want to when the fans back you by strafing the stadium with flights of hate?  

Does no one at this globalised club know what football actually is?

Sir Roger of Sauce

‘Do you spend a lot of time in the saddle?’
‘I love a ride in the morning.’
‘I’m an early riser myself.’

See, now THAT is what we love about Sir Roger Moore as ol’ Bond, that’s why ol’ Rog IS Bond
Not Brosnan twocking a Beamer.
Not Craig being rude to barmen.

It’s ROG – being SAUCY.

‘A wonderful father and provider – stop carping about the kids he battered to death.’

All the spending on the universities and NHS were basically regeneration funds to expand and spruce them all up to better enable the unis to demand f*** off fees and the hospitals were put on the market / game. Money based on real debts the taxpayer has years to pay off – many of them to be graduates with £30k of tuition fee debt on top of them. It was pure, unadulterated cronyism where New Labour truly trumped the Tories. 

It was Labour that started smashing up legal aid – while creating over 3,000 new offences.

Don’t forget how far Blair expanded the surveillance state, oversaw complicity in torture with the US, and enwhored himself to Murdoch. and went a bundle on legislating through the autocratic European Commission, which he still seeks to take over.

Yes peace came to Northern Ireland – most of the groundwork was done under John Major – but peace there doesn’t justify war everywhere else – although it does because he rakes millions as a peace broker in the Middle East that he did so much to bomb the hell out of. Cos he is a war criminal.
Whatever vapid lies can be wheeled out to portray him as a wonderful leader of the left, none of whatever scant ‘good’ he did can justify bombing millions on lies.