Clarkson calling Clifford

Ron Atkinson was caught saying the word nigger, he said it, off-camera, but he said it, and got done nonetheless, losing punditry posts at the BBC and the Guardian. He himself couldn’t believe he’d said it. This was a man who’d done a great deal to advance black players in football, but … he crossed a line.

So the same punishment must befall Clarkson, who advances himself and himself alone with professional attention-seeking by sailing as close to the winds of racism as possible, be it calling Burmese ‘slopes’ or having a dig at Mexicans, now he’s stepped on his own landmine. Notwithstanding what evil shite Murdoch’s papers are prepared to brook, surely the BBC cannot tolerate this?

Or maybe they can, cos *titter* humourous ol’ farty Clarky’s Top Gear is worth £100s of millions as a franchise. Well, it was, but surely if you go around systematically alienating your audience you somewhat devalue the product? Maybe the Beeb should quit while it’s ahead and drop the Fat One before he ruins the global reputation of the Corporation.

It’s not like they’re going to be able to call Max Clifford to sort the publicity on this one. But I think Clifford is the other half of the problem of the BBC, he covers up for the monsters that the sycophants at the Corp helps create and foster as ‘talent’. From Jimmy Saville and Stuart Hall through Janet Street-Porter and Jonathan Ross’s dirty phone calls, they’re ‘talent’, to be spoilt and pampered and pandered to no matter how abusive they are, and how much worse this makes them.  


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