Morals? Justice? MONEY

Veteran BBC DJ quits (was he forced to?) over inadvertently putting on song with the word ‘nigger’ in it.

Veteran BBC presenter Jeremy Clarkson kept on after knowingly, ‘humourously’ in his tiny mind, saying the word within a schoolyard ditty – before doing the take again. Oh but he ‘loathes’ the word – bullshit. Where in that recording is any sense of ‘OMG what have I did oh shit bloody hell oops I said it?’

We all know – the issue is simply that David Lowe isn’t worth millions of pounds to the Beeb. Clarkson is, and that’s where the justice lies, and that’s why the BBC is as venal an entity as any other corrupted institute these days in this fetid money-obsessed land where rules only apply to those who don’t earn shitloads of cash.

(Curiously enough Jimmy Saville apparently managed to stave off investigations into his BBC-enabled evil by way of citing the threat it’d pose to the millions he raised for ‘good works’ …).

And yet for decades now it’s the all-corrupting incentive of profit that we’ve been exhorted and forced to accept as the over-riding principle of governance for every facet of our lives.

And if you earn enough money for the right people, then indeed, you get to live on some elevated plane where nothing else, morals or laws, actually matter, and it’s the people who dwell in such a moral vacuum that make the decisions … ahhh… the pieces fall into place.


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