It’s not UKIP we need fear, it’s fear itself

Just gone 9am, UKIP’s won 90 out of 1,533 council seats declared, about 5.87% of seats. Not much of very little is still fuck all, and they’ll remain a minority party – the real fear is the utter cravenness of the other party leaders who’ll clone themselves on UKIP’s racist demagoguery all the more. None of them actually believe in anything, all they believe is ‘principles without power’ are worthless. As Tony Blair said in one of his speeches of his swansong tour of 2006-2007, Labour’s electoral success had in no small part come from its ability to clone if not pre-empt the Tories. ‘Now,’ he continued, ‘there’s a rising threat to our electoral base from the BNP…’ and he left the thought hanging. Soon enough the likes of Margaret Hodge were demanding local homes for local people, ID cards were needed to sort us honest citizens from benefit-scrounging, NHS-piss-taking foreigners, foreign students were worthy of greater surveillance on campus, while the criteria non-EU students had to meet to come were raised.
I don’t know what the point of power is however if you’ve no principles. What kind of definition of power is it if you’re only ever trying to pre-empt your opponents? When Blair and Brown were in office, the Tories in opposition still got any number of their policies through thanks to Labour’s utterly cynical policy hijackings, the Tories’ frustration being only that Labour were taking the credit for their ideas.

The real danger comes not from UKIP but from these violently unprincipled wankers shitting bricks over the antics of a psychotic old drunk, and deciding that’s how they should also behave to remain popular.


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