If ever we needed whistleblowers …

Is there some kind of equation for the ratio of perpetrators and those who know about a crime, but stay quiet? Like that law for computing power doubling every 5 years or whatever it is, ach it’s elusive, but is there a similar thing as in a ratio for those, for example, who knew about the sexual and child abuse carried out by big guns at the BBC and elsewhere, and the dozens or scores of people who heard all about it but didn’t act? Would the ratio be, 80, 90 folk well in the know for every one pervert at it? Two hundred? A thousand?
Why didn’t they act – because they didn’t know enough to risk being the one to blow the whistle?
Because their careers depended on not rocking the boat?
Because the ‘system’ needed to be protected?
Because they were threatened?
Because they were sacked, discredited or killed?
Because they didn’t care? Because they put themselves first?

With conspiracy theories what’s often posited as a counter to any theory involving a cover-up or plot, is the idea that too many people would be involved and one of them would have to talk.

Actually what we’ve seen with the BBC, the City, the CPS, News International, the police, and what we’re seeing unfold with the Tories in the 1980s and all their friends at Elm Guest House, is you can have innumerable numbers of people who know or hear it by rumour too often to deny there’s a fire somewhere, and must presumably outnumber the perps by several fold. But no-one talks. Or rather, that’s all they do, they talk and talk, but no-one acts. Talking, gossiping is alllll they do.

How many people in the police and CPS sat and watched as any number of Irish were banged up on lies in the 1970s and 1980s?
How many senior political figures and civil servants knew there was something seriously awry to do with a paedo ring?
How many traders, advisers, lawyers, regulators knew about the abject corruption of the banking industry from the 1990s through the noughties?
How many at the BBC knew about Savile, DLT, Hall, Harris, Clifford et al, but did nothing?
How many at News International really knew about the hacking?

How deep do these holes go? How many people are living with what kind of terrible information?


One thought on “If ever we needed whistleblowers …

  1. Context is everything. The vast majority of Child Sexual Assaults (CSA) occur within families – always have done, always will do. The offences that Max Clifford and Rolf Harris have been convicted of happened no later than 1985. At that time there was no need for any paedophile to rely on his (or her) ‘fame and power’ as society dealt with CSA by pretending that it did not exist. Thirty years ago it was an article of faith amongst social workers, police, child psychologists and child psychiatrists that little girls fantasised about having sex with their fathers. The very same social workers etc. who took the line that all children are liars were by 1990 happy to proclaim the new orthodoxy that ‘no child has ever told a lie’.

    Operation Yewtree is largely an attempt to re-write history and deny the state’s complicity in CSA. By continually pushing the ‘fame and power’ routine there is danger that juries faced with an average paedophile who exercises ‘power’ over a child lets the defendant off because they do not fit the image that the DPP is keen to promote.

    Ironically nobody had ever heard of Max Clifford in 1985 (He first came to public attention over the Pamela Bordes story c1988), but he was too egotistical to admit during his trial that his autobiography was complete fiction.

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