A perilous pincer movement of paedos and Jihadists! SURRENDER YOUR DATA

Still searingly relevant!


They’re at it again – spies spook the big three parties into backing same old snooping powers, ignoring the EU, their own voters and every normal vestige of proper democratic process and debate

Without warning, the UK government is blasting a new law onto the books, terrorising its citizens with the threat of a pincer attack between Syrian jihadists and British paedophiles into accepting the bombshell Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill. All three main political parties, Labour, Tories and Lid-Dems, have secretly plotted to demand all private citizens’ email and phone records be stored by firms so state spies can sift through them. It’s a new law designed to reprise old practices from the 2006 European Data Retention Directive, which the European Court of Justice struck down just last April as in breach of the Human Rights Act. That’s that, it’s illegal. But the UK government thinks it can…

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