The Murdochios’ mafia enterprise

Although Coulson’s gone down and Brooks got off, it’s not over – other trials against Murdoch’s grave robbers are pending and Murdoch himself may yet be in trouble. But it depends on what he knew about the bin-raking, or what can be proved that he knew.

Now we see the Fake Sheikh, whose exposes and bring-downs of the apparently not-as-great-and-good-as-we-had-believed, were vaunted in defence of the kind of journalism that News International has plumbed to new depths. The Fake Sheikh’s plausibility as the linchpin to stings rests on the vaguely racist notion that Arabs with money are forever engaging in outrageously crooked affairs, while carrying out stings that do involve the soliciting or encitement of criminals acts. But that’s not the point – in the wake of finding out quite how many graves of dead children and soldiers had been robbed by NoTW, we were told that we needed the men in dirty macs to expose the real liars and frauds. Dowler was an error, that was the result of a rogue operative, but the Fake Sheikh had brought best part of a 100 crimbos to justice!

But old Fakey also lied and framed people …

Shame on Murdoch’s mob for evoking the greater moral good of undercover journalism to defend their base practices, and shame on anyone for believing the agents of the NoTW or the Sun did their work with such high ideals in mind!

And … how many others were also victims of Fake set-ups, not that they were knowingly lured into doing something underhand, but were framed, and not for the sake of pursuing justice, but to make money for Murdoch?

News International is a Mafia enterprise, run by the Murdoch family, that threatens and bribes those it wants favours from and cows and smears anybody it seeks, to make a dollar. The patterns of their racketeering are well known and established, and that’s what counts, we don’t need trails of emails or witnesses to sofa governance to bring him down, just treat him and his children like any other family of gangsters.