Supreme Chavvers

Damnit, they should be out getting angry, how can any civilised land allow its bright young things to descend into despondency and suicidal depression, when their lives have barely begun? Under the aegis of a government that’s done so much to fuck it all up, from withdrawing travel allowances to making people work for nothing for the profiteering likes of Pound Stretcher, to paying billions to Atos so they can harass disabled people into the gutter.

Those same Tories who inculcated us with accepting that mass unemployment is a good and necessary thing – while 2.39 million people wasting away – smash up the rest of the place with no mandate whatsoever, all the while lauded by friends in the City and the IMF. 

We know who the scum are, the freeloaders who send their kids to Eton. 


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