Mike Read & Radio Jackboot


Mike Read, doing a racist calypso for UKIP? What happened to Radio 1’s People’s Poet of Pop who, like some kind of Pied Piper, so coolly led the nation’s youth through the debauched jungle of popular beat combos and their precariously degenerate melodies, delivering us all so safely into the hand of nice? Yet the only thing square about Mike Read was his TV-sized specs, he was so down with the kids. How come he’s a jackbooter from the shires?

Kid yourselves not, kids, all Read’s doing is revealing the fascist ideology he’d have personally imbibed over decades from working at Radio 1 which you must note, was never cool. It was always an utterly Establishment enterprise founded solely to founder the shipborne Radios Caroline and London, ‘pirate’ radio stations who posed an utterly phantom threat, and loot them of their DJs. Radio 1 was the battleship in the BBC fleet that HM Government dispatched to sink these threadbare buccanears in its imperial bid for total hegemony of the airwaves and the minds of the nation’s youth, and it worked.

If it was ever about being down with the kids, the kids’ culture on HMS Radio Wrong was directed by prep-school elitists, seeking to haul the hoi polloi back from the brink of degenerate freedom and reindoctrinate them with ‘THE STATE IS COOL – BOOGALOO WITH HMG’. Like UKIP now, they convey the facade of freedom as a front for fascism and seeking to keep this island safe from ‘degenerate’ outside influences, ideas and people.

Read’s followed the path stomped on radio and Saturday TV by another former R1 ranter and right-winger Noel Edmonds, whose convivial house party morphed into the laughably sinister Sky show, Noel’s HQ from where he and a ballooned Cheggers plotted to putsch anything obviously ridiculous, apart from themselves. Extremists on fringe TV.

Edmonds is something of an enigma. He had a tremendous career at the Beeb, somehow his history as a one-time matey aboard pirate radio didn’t hold him back an iota. Something of a communitarian mindset could be glimpsed by endeavours like the cooperatively-based Saturday Swap Shop, but which was supplanted and buried by Read’s corporatist Saturday Superstore, a.k.a. Tesco Tubbies. How people change – it says it all that Edmonds spends most of his time on the phone talking to a mysterious Banker.

Still, the Beeb’s hosted its fair share of money fetishists, like Chris Moyles, and Jonathan Ross whose ego over at Radio 2 enabled Russell Brand to wank all over Andrew Sach’s answerphone. All egos turned awful by monstrous cosseting. But it was back at R1 was where rooted the über-anti-Christ Jimmy Savile, former knight no less, the People’s Paedo and great, great friend of extremist Margaret Thatcher, he whose exploits were so well known within Broadcasting House they gave him a parking space for his rapist caravan and actively protected for decades, even after his death. Need I mention DLT, Stuart Hall, others, et al.

You see where it all went wrong.

You see what comes out that institute to which the state demands we hand over our hard-earned doubloons.

You see how Read, the right-wing singer of songs, could have gone so awry …  because his upbringing at the Beeb meant no other outcome was possible.


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