The British Dream in all its snobbish glory

Just listening to Radio 4’s ‘analysis’ about social mobility and how should society best tackle the obstacles to it, so that ‘anyone can rise from the roughest estate to the top’.

ROUGHEST ESTATE. And that is the problem – not only are estates synonymous with rough (including the kind of nob estates that the likes of Cameron was brought up on? Do they mean those? No), but the solution to such an estate – read, what other outcome could there be for a single habitation unit for the lower class – is to LEAVE it, not to better it. So basically social mobility is about escape, and to escape up, i.e. for people from ‘the bottom’ to rise to the top.
Well, if you want to entirely sustain a top-down pyramid society, yes.
If the solution to poverty is not to stop it but to leave it, yes.
If you want to see others as dwellers of ‘the bottom’ and sneer at them, and talk about equality in terms of equality of the ability to rise and not equality of access to basics like good jobs, shelter, safe communities, stable employment, health, justice, then yes.
If you want those at the bottom not to positively work upon the commonalities of the group, but to negatively despise each other as individuals, then yes.
If you want to expend far fewer resources in ‘enabling’ the few to escape than helping the many, then yes.
If you want to blame those that ‘fail’, for failing, then yes.
Social mobility is basically the same con as the American Dream has come to mean, where it’s not about how you exploit limitless opportunity of an open country, but keeping the poor so desperate and atomised they’ll do whatever it takes to get up and out. It’s evil and it’s based on making people unhappy. See those wankers on the X Factor who want to be rich and famous because they HATE their shitty jobs folding jeans in Top Shop, and we’re supposed to applaud their tears of joy when they go back to their sub-minimum wage friends after 8 weeks and flaunt and sneer, because we’re supposed to agree, ‘yeah, ha, what a shitty humdrum life you’ve escaped.’
You have to be unhappy to get up and get out.
And yet it’s the majority who live in such hum-drummery, if that’s what it is, and the minority who live on the upper floors of the pyramid.
What an utterly perverted sense of priority.
Meaning also how many people will end up unhappy in their quest to get what everyone is after, because there are not enough spaces for everyone to have all they want, because it’s a pyramid.
What an utter con.

There’s nothing wrong with just being, there was never anything wrong with just being.
Just being is good, just being is difficult enough already.
Yeah, sure, seriously, everyone should have the right and means to do whatever it is they want – but that includes staying where they are and getting by, and having all they need to do just that. And if that means living not on a ROUGH estate but a NICE estate, well THAT’S THE AIM.