Missing presumed dead


Marie Aboot

I step dripping out from the loch just in time to see the ferry pulling up.  I quickly get changed and zip the tent up as Scott chains his bike to the loch’s railings. We look back at the tent before heading off with our sign for “Glasgow” written clearly on a piece of card.

A nice couple with four kids, evangelists picks us up. It’s a big squeeze, me with a four year old on my lap and they give us a sermon en route about the evils of living in sin but it’s a good lift we get dropped right outside the protest. “This is the hole we go through, there is a jump across this burn” I inform “Are you sure?” “Yep I can see a totem pole and a treehouse, must be in the right place and look there’s Jess.” ‘Hi Jess, this is Scott, we…

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