Britain exporting to the world

indonesian idiot

Indonesian girl wears tribute deely boppers to the lost Zayn of 1D – Yes love, you look that stupid

Who’d have thought stupidity could have such global reach?

O no hang on I’ve forgotten about Clarkson’s fan base, with a greater range and following than Al Qaeda and IS combined, terrorising the world with their astoundingly oafish sense of entitlement, brains addled by their own farts, saying ‘mwe mdont care about violence in me mworkplace fuckin underrings meh im ungry meh clarksons funny wen ‘e ‘as a go a’ wogs mehehehe thass wot we want ahh licence fee to fund mehehe pulse on middle ingland, meheh, cars, farts, wogs, meheheh, oi wanka wheres me dinna *punch* murrrghh’.


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