A gentlemen’s libertarian-anarchist compliment


TUDGE: Gentleman 

I’d have thought you’d get no more macho a place than the gents in the Newcastle Arena with a boxing match on, but lo! I was given a compliment the essence of which I’ve not heard since attending the jakes in a gay club in Chicago in 1995. Naturally both occasions were startling enough to put paid to any possibility of actually pissing, but both occasions also involved shaved-headed men – yet, at a cursory level, at polar ends of the manly spectrum … unless this is akin to where right-wing libertarianism and left-wing anarchism actually blur?

But what was said? I hear you cry, while I might add, incidentally, I was also told the like in two venues in Russia.

Aha … consider the venue. A gentleman never tells … and I’m such a gentleman, it’s my profile they use on toilet doors.


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