Personally bested

20150505_105504That’s not the front axle off some Formula 1 car, but 160 kg on deadlift, what I lifted today in a new personal best. I also bench-pressed 100 kg, which is a staggering (for me) 25 kg mark-up on my previous PB, plus knocked off a 1,000 m row in 3:15, my second fastest PB and only a second off my new PB scored only a week ago.

One could overdo the meaning of these numbers, and swagger about and brag … but I can’t over-praise personal training with Gavin Baxter. I can look at my progress over the previous months, and say quite literally, I go from strength to strength, physically and mentally.

I’ve never been this strong and felt this good.


And why not, eh?

PS: May 17, I hit 162.5 kg! 

PPS: I am not a doctor living in Switzerland. 


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