Haunted warren


This is just bizarre. What would a hamster get out of living in a ‘creepy castle’? Probably would think, ‘for the same money if not less, you could have put me up in some seriously lush digs. But no, you’ve shacked me up in this ramshackle plastic rip-off of Dracula’s castle, or more like Norman Bates’ home, and that’s riddled with spectres. What gives? Why? My lifespan is three years, tops, and you’ve subjected me to this?  I’d quite like the space command, mind, although I suspect after a while of weightlessness I might suffer some level of skeletal degrading, and the toilet better be sealed or it’ll rapidly become a permanent shit-blizzard, to onlookers it’ll resemble some untuned TV, inside I’ll be like a star destroyer plying my way through an asteroid belt.’

£45 well spent.

A comet not seen in decades recently came and lit up the skies so bright it could be seen both day and night, keeping the Earthlings utterly beholden in fascination such that they stopped doing anything and only stood and stared at the sky in wonder, ruining their eyes while its image scorched upon their feeble minds as the Elders began to recount the Legends, until the Ruler of the Land, the wisest of the fools, his voice trembling with rage and panic, simply bade them all, ‘stop this idiocy, stop with these stupid myths, stop looking!’.

I have the physical and intellectual strengths, and the moral courage, I just need to know where to best direct that, and how to feed and sustain spiritual strength. To be 40 is just a number, but for all the adventures I’ve had, to now be arguably careerless, and still childless, and yet still get up each morning to look in the mirror, only to spy another white blade in the eyebrows …

I ruled the dance floor tonight.

Earlier I realised my zoning out and somewhat stooped gait … I think I must be grieving.

And then I feel this need to go TEFL in Ramallah….

Nothing changes. But it must.

On another tack, when one is in shock it’s as if all feeling has been sucked away, gone over the horizon, but you know they’ll come back with fury. Almost like a tsunami. The less you feel now, the more you know it’ll come back.


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