We’re all in the gutter … where best the Tories can kick us in

From Liberty, who tell us we can expect: 

An Immigration Bill that will include plans to criminalise undocumented migrants working in the UK and confiscate their earnings.  It will also extend deport first appeal later provisions, risking huge injustice and separating families.

I’d suspect undocumented migrants are already at the bottom of the wealth ladder, access to social services, rights, and income. I’d theorise they’re from the poorer, further flung parts of Europe, Africa, South America, people we’ve always been brought up to despise, and I’d guess they mostly work as farm hands, earning £1 an hour at the violent hands of gang masters who ultimately answer to the multinational supermarkets that dominate our cities and kelp keep their profits so high (although with Tesco every little bit of dodgy accounting also helps).

I mean, if it’s more revenue the government’s seeking to fill some massive financial black hole left by interest payments to their banker backers who cooked up the entire PFI racket, let alone the bailed-out, they’d probably rake in a lot more a lot quicker by chasing up and closing all the tax loop holes or demanding HSBC and its friends at Top Shop and Starbucks et al actually pay their tax bills. I’m just guessing, but on a cost-benefit analysis the outlay versus rate of return, I bet would, pound for pound, earn way, way more than employing goons to raid some cabbage hacker’s tea caddy for coin.

But I am at risk of blaming the wrong side for this. The reason for our impecunious woes lies with the poorest, so I’m led to believe by the lies put out by pornographers like Richard Desmond, or international war-mongering grave-robbers like Rupert Murdoch.

And mostly nobody will complain about the ever worsened plight of those damn faceless migrants, who no-one ever sees because they work in the back ends of agriculture and industry that British folk never get near these days, those stateless, rightless, penniless migrants who survived their overloaded boat sinking on the voyage across the Med, who survived the back of the tomato truck, who survived the rising tide of Morecambe Bay, who survived the undercarriage of the Eurostar or whatever jet came into Stansted, let alone whatever Hell in their homelands that led them to these ungrateful isles, because of course they’re the bastards who are to blame for everything.


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