do da

On the left … down to a 0.5 shorn along the sides. When it’s this short it looks like it’s grown loads in no time, so you’re at the barber’s thrice as often. Henry’s on Clayton St., don’t you know. Sweating because another PB, 62.5 kg in clean & press and military press. (I know it’s geeky, but I like it – PS … did 65kg AND top time for OpFit triathlon, 6:49! :D)

20150529_210753gold hair

On the right is … is that the same person from 20 years before, who only weighed 62.5 kg? (Nah, about 75 kg or 11 and a half stone in real money, but compared with 95-6 kg / 15 stone now …).

What a photo to find.
At Manchester, and I haven’t just shaved, there’s just nothing on my face.
Got a girl to die my hair blonde, and it came out gold…
Then I bought a leather jacket, which stank…

Youthful hi jinks…

But there’s genuine, screaming Hell going on in that ludicrously gilded head.
That boy doesn’t know who he is, and is only barely aware that he’s actually out of his mind with grief and despair. Strange thing to find and memories to throw up.  


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