Today’s editorial

Alastair Campbell is a disgusting bastard.
Parasitically latching onto the death of a good man – I don’t care if they were confidants – does not make him a good man.
Stop associating your IP address to this war criminal by linking to his site of lies. He makes a living from PR work for tyrants.
Campbell suffers depression because of the guilt borne by lying to get us into a war that killed hundreds of thousands – f*** him, that’s his problem, and to taint everyone else who’s ever suffered mental illness is just a piss-take too far.
I am more than happy to buy him a crate of buckfast and alllllllll the paracetamol he needs if he wants to drink himself off a cliff.

Blatter only resigned because he was bribed to.

My prediction that the white line erroneously painted outside my back gate would only invite selfish arsehole parking by the wanker opposite has borne out.

Has anyone ever stuck glitter up their bum and farted onto glued paper to see what art is produced?


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