Fishy Fee-fa F*** and the War Criminal



Blatter gets re-elected then quits, only to then not go until DECEMBER?? To lay down all those precious reforms he so palpably failed to enact in the previous 17 years???

Notwithstanding some vague suspicion he stood for re-election out of vanity and/or to score some better multi-trillion Rouble offshore handshake, WTF that he’s not replaced ’til December? One week for every year served, 12 weeks max, that’s a semi-standard notice period, should be gone in September at the latest.

Just like Tony the war criminal Blair, who stood for re-election in 2005 on the promise he’d leave within a few minutes of victory (??! – stone me, it worked), then he quit in 2006 and spent A YEAR on his swan-song. It was beyond Alan B’stad, or even Alan Partridge, swanning and songing as Bliar ultimately did down in the depths of Norfolk’s finest motels or anywhere else…

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