Surviving … (inspired by Kanye West)

looking ill

Ill. Horrible belly ache and sweating, with sick dreams swirling around …  while I ached all over I ached all the more because of my new incredible physique, there’s so much more to ache, so all this weights stuff has created a rod for my own back … but now my back is so broad and strong to cope with it, so that’s good! 🙂

I’m also all the more handsome for my illness, I must have that terminal Hollywood disease that makes you all the more good looking as you near death, as seen in Love Story and Mr November. And also cos I’ve not eaten, I look pretty ripped!

Being ill gives you sick dreams because of a high temp, which also makes me talk bollocks. Quite witty bollocks, tho. Helped by a bottle of Lucozade and a bag of pretzels thanks to the wife. But not Lucozade with the orange cellophane wrap, so I couldn’t fold it over and over to make ever darker orange filters to look through and compare with my dehydrated ill piss. There’s always a downside …


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