on the beach


Work gangs of children in Sooth Shields 

I was at the Sandhaven sandcastle competition today, and what a gas it was! 1650 kids making massive sand castles, structures, piles and pits. One in fact was just a pit, and a couple of others were really just mounds bejewelled with baubles to suggest they were something else, but no matter! It was FUN! And then the kids started burying one another, too.

On which point one group made what was evidently a mass grave. 11703309_10207498344197167_342665137809777565_o

These were the kids from Khmer Rough Elementary in Benwell, apparently, and the teach showed me her earlier photo of them at work, quite an arty photo in its own right:

kids building the sandcastle

Some of the troupe might have been a bit too old though, preferring to stand around looking cool:

winning children

But everyone else had a ball!

There was the mayor in his garland of gold, there was a Punch and Judy regaling the children with the hilarity of domestic violence and infanticide.

It was a day of proper old school fun, nostalgia, even.


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