SPURNED dictators

Cutting people you no longer like out of photos, it’s what dictators and scorned wives (OK partners, PC people) have been doing for decades. So bitter, such pique. Wow. What does it say, though? ‘You hurt me so much I’ve literally cut you out of my mind and everyone else’s!’ ‘I don’t want to think about you anymore! To look at you anymore!’ ‘I’ve erased you from my mind …’ … but it’s for all the world to see.

To draw such attention to such open wounds, in trying to erase these people from the world they show so rawly their inability to deal with the trauma of whatever they-who-no-longer-exist-nor-did-they-no-no-they-don’t actually did. None of us need ever have known what an impact this minister evidently had in closed conversations at the 14th plenary of Trotskyist Chicken Farming, or that after 8 years of deludedly happy marriage they upped and ended up in the arms of another man/woman.


Funnily enough, it’s also something akin to a technique of neuro-linguistic programming, where you take a ‘bad memory’ and visualise it as an image in your mind that you convert from colour to black & white, blur, shrink and throw away.


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