Seriously nasty pieces of work.


That camera woman should be done for assault – but she’s supported by the likes of this Steve person, who cheers on those people – be they state thugs, or ‘objective’ journalists – who physically attack terrified people and their children. I’m happy to be deemed a ‘twat’ by someone so vile, he’s lost his temper and I’m glad to have been responsible for that.

What a diabolical disgrace he is to humanity. That so many good people in this country’s history have died to defend the right to think and speak freely, for freedom from fascism, freedom from fear – and he desecrates their sacrifice with such poison, poison on the poorest and most vulnerable of the world, who’ll have fled regimes at home that are run on the ground by strapping lads in jackboots – just like those Hungarian police – who keep order by openly beating people of any age and gender, wherever they’re from, no matter what Hell they’ve come from or are living in now, they’re there to be beaten, in the fields, in the streets, from continent to country to countryside to city, urged on by cowards the world over.


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