Sunday in the sea … 10.30 am, about 11 degrees C … #FITClub12307994_10153688918424373_9050423966105835173_o


Much ado

It seems I’ve become everything I hate. Obviously this can’t be my fault. I’ll just change my own terms of reference, that’ll reclaim the moral high ground. 

Where are we? First week of November. Two talks on  North Korea tourism this week, a med mod exam on Saturday, one audition and a role play job yesterday (and one audition for a dodgy company dodged), with lots more lined up. 🙂

Supersonic willy machine

UK Government invests £60m in Skylon plane that can fly from London to Sydney in 4 hours

Why would we want the likes of washed-up fascists like Tony Abbott being able to get here any faster?

On this bizarre shark thing, flanked by willies?

That’s public money being pissed on this engine. I thought this government wasn’t into spending public money on these kinds of things? Or is it so when the tech is proven to work we can flog it to friends of David Cameron for a tenner and a fresh pig’s head?