Le me gusta

Spends 5 weeks failing to retake the rowing record, so takes the skiing instead – Rob be like …


Took the gym record on 500m on the ski erg in 1.39.5, having done it in 1.49.5 just two days before. Also: Got myself new work ghost writing at one company, and I hope tomorrow to get more work proofreading for another company, as well as churning through the North Korea stuff for NK News and on the back of a recommendation from Barnsley Skeptics, I’ve been invited to do York in February.

I could complain it’s all a bit busy, what with an audition this Monday which needs a 1-minute monologue what I’ve not even started… plus ambulance training doesn’t look likely this year, not with the lovely lot I’m in with, but … other things come along, other long-forgotten boats come back from their voyages laden with riches. And there are always unforeseen surprises.

We only did the ski erg today on a whim, I’ve been gunning to do the 1,000 m row record all these past 10 PT sessions, and never considered the ski erg as something I could do, but while I couldn’t get the row, I got the ski! Maybe that’s the secret, I over-focussed on one thing and forever kept falling short, then for something you’re under no pressure to succeed at, you succeed at. It’s pressure.


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