Couldn’t be parkier

17 jan 2016 beach beastah

Beach Beast-ah at Tynemouth with the wonderful Clive and Angela Gibson & F.I.T Club. Bloody -1 C with the sea unusually warm at 8.5 C. We’d already done the situps with the log, so followed it with up-and-overs. It’s the ultimate way to welcome Sunday!

Then went to OpFit and met the missus and PT instructor Gavin Baxter, who I’ve done 10 sessions with, and I knocked out the triathlon in 6:45, beating the record of 6:48 and my own PB of 6:49. The block run was surprisingly fast at 0:50, and the transition times were way below what I expected, … even so there was only three seconds in it. Shouldn’t have put a hand in the ski loops nor lost 2, 3 seconds by glancing at my watch and losing rhythm, plus had had no food and had spent an hour on the beach.

I think there’s another 10 seconds to be found, and yet I shaved in with three seconds where I’d accounted for at least 10 seconds from the run and transitions.

Sod it. As comebacks from surgery go, two records in a week is a haul, along with two Sunday mornings in the sea.

Fuckin’ A


PS: The triathlon record stood for only five days, was beaten by Adam Cooke who clocked an astonishing 6.33, which takes 15 seconds of his previous PB.


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