Serious slog

I passed Trauma module – yes! – two days of intense study and scenarios … but I and the four others made it through. The effort put in over this last year and some are paying off, we’re getting trained up in more and more skills that can relieve suffering and save lives. All we need do is pass the exam in a few weeks’ time … I say all … *phff* …

Totally zonked out when I got home, though, instant mini-coma, head slumped forward in a hyper-flexed position, possibly compromising my airway. And so it shall be herein, just like being a sub-editor means you can’t read anything at all without spotting double spaces, orphans and widows, non-sequitors (sp.), so I shall now see and fret all my days for things that pose a threat to one’s physical well-being, even someone dozing in a chair.

In all seriousness, part of the course is scene assessment and trying to anticipate what you’re going to come across. One aged clip was of a man trapped in a car, the car swarmed with fire crew, paramedics, doctors, and this bloke is wheezing to his last as no-one’s checking his airway, and that’s what killed him, ultimately, after hours of great distress.

Such is the stuff of the career I’ve chosen to pursue …

Other than that, only five weeks to go before the Pyongyang half-marathon, and today I did 4.5 miles, Ringo joining me for the first mile and a half.

PS: Forgot how good this is. I have an old vinyl of Rostropovich playing this, I think it’s on a USSR Melodya export label which would make it quite valuable, not least as he defected did he not?

Indeed he did. What a dude:

Anyway, it’s all lovely, spesh 20.00 in.



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