Stella smell Hell

The smell from the landfill on the A695 is inciting the locals to tipping point. Luckily where we are, we’re just high enough and 99 days out of a 100 the wrong way windward so that we avoid getting the full whiff of the place, but all one need do is drive down Stella Bank towards Blaydon, and you drive into this invisible fug of rotting cabbage pouring down from the Great Anus on the Hill that is the landfill. And that it’s making the poor sods who live along Stella sick – headaches, nausea, apart from the stress of their lovely little homes being so blighted by this relentless tsunami of stink – is no surprise, and no small scandal.

And the locals are gathering their rage.

You can sense how the gas flows down and pools at the bottom of the hill, on the river.

It’s pure methane, might as well be living on TITAN.


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