Foxtrot Easter

Aghhh… foxtrot your concerns away with this egg!

Maybe I should set myself up as a gossip hack, writing Guilty Pleasures or be a 3AM girl or something mindless, just making stuff up. It’d be wonderful not to give a shit.

PS from a late August 2018 posting … 

All those magenta-top magazines, Take a Break, Chat, Love it, Other People’s Hell.  Take a Break at least is published by Bauer, which makes sense to me now as in Berlin I was amazed at how many of these magenta-topped, OMG-stories and puzzle magazines there were, scores of them weighing down the shelves at REWE and Lidl. Germans are terrible gossips and love schadenfreude, which maybe says a lot about how things that happened in the past indeed came to pass.

Let’s not dwell. Point being I’ve reached out to these Brit mags to see if I can write for them, based on my success as a biographer for Story Terrace, so I can nip around to some woman’s house and have her and daughter or wotnot hunched over in disquiet on the sofa, with the caption, ‘she was so full of life’, before this Tunisian waiter they met on the Internet came over, had a whirlwind romance with them both, then emptied their savings’ tea jar and ran off with the guinea pig.

It is all other people’s Hell, and you’re supposed to get off on it, hence they can call a mag Pick Me Up. I might publish my own, call it Get This, or just Hahahaha!


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