Billy the Puppet runs 13 miles

In just over a week, I shall be running in the Pyongyang marathon. As said before, I’m doing the half marathon in case I totally bust my knees up and spend the rest of the week tour leading exclusively from the front seat of the bus – “there’s a fascinating model farm over there, go and have a look, see you in 40 minutes.” That’d be a bit shit.

I’m running it for Arthritis Research UK, and have a spiffing bright orange vest for that purpose. Unfortunately it’s not been approved by the NK Ministry of Sport, who have a thing about commercial logos (although it’s a charity, and there are Nike ticks aplenty – but stone me for expecting consistency), so I’ll have a state-approved company T-shirt instead, as also befits me being on the job.

What I also do have though is a small ARUK pin, a bracelet, AND best of all, transfers! 12957388_10154070893929402_460886602_n

Makes me look like Billy the Puppet. And two more to wear on my shoulders, if I remove the T bits of the T-shirt, which might look rather punk.

I wonder if any of the punters are going to go as Jimmy Savile. It wouldn’t be that controversial seeing as the locals don’t know who he is.