Pissabout health screening jobby for casual work, where private deets about your medical past are disclosed online for the world of hackers and their hacking jobs to intercept or dig out. BUT you go on the website and there’s this pic of sprightly young health professional ready to note down your answers to her questions.
Fine, fire away.
Except it’s a RUSE.
She’s not there at all.
It’s just a series of tickboxes to be digitally ticked.

Meanwhile, it appears Putin’s far-right friends are helping to renovate and restore pride in Russia by coming to France and smashing the place up. Back home in the UK, any number of people are succumbing to Nigel Farage’s far-right lies about the benefits of Brexit. What people don’t get is it’ll fuck this place up all the more, and push more folks into his vile little hands. He’s an alcoholic tweed-Nazi, bent on smashing things up – had he been born in Russia he’d no doubt be being deported for smashing up Lille with Putin’s approval.
Indeed, Putin wants the UK out of the EU as well.


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