Vile people

A little snippet from UKIP’s Facebook page, it says a lot I think …

(does Ralph Tarpey actually read the news?)

Where is this

Farage and his crap friends were at the Sage tonight, the villain was marking out his territory on stage with a trail of piss seeped from his trousers. Meanwhile the missus and I went to see Eddie Izzard talk at Newcastle University, a small gathering of 30 people or so, only the other side of the river from the Sage but a world apart. God knows what Thursday’s vote will be, but a ‘victory’ for the Leave lot will give such a boon to so many people showing themselves to be the most mean-minded, nasty, violent bigots. Not all of them by any ways, but a large number, of real shits.
In this country, I’ve met so many people from Europe, migrants from all over the world, who live here, work here, study here, have all been fine folk, decent, human beings. I cannot think of one I’ve known who compares at all to the viciously bitter kind of Brit in Farage’s shitbin of a gang. And yet if the poison makers have their way, it’ll be these good folk who are bade to leave.

One could get depressed. Instead, read this from a UKIP poster:

Barbara Fowles i know a lot of foreigners are setting up there own business here, where do they get all the money from, if they are suppose to be poor, we have them in our town a few have not made it because there are too many shops, and some have closed when you only have a pound to spend, i have had some points from nectar to have if i buy an item of clothing, but i have plenty of clothes and they only smell fousty when not in use, so i am stuck now.

It is such magnificent nonsense.


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