What is there to say?

A lot, but I’m really too tired right now to think straight.

Those people who’ve voted ‘leave’ simply do not know what they’ve done.
I am not going to tell them.
I am simply going to blame them each and every step of the way when – WHEN – it goes shit.
And it’s what they wanted.

Already the Pound’s going off a cliff, and we’re going to lose our AAA credit rating, but the man of the moment’s talk is of ‘phased repatriation’. I don’t doubt the Brownshirts start really kicking in anyone in a niqab this weekend. This will embolden so many psychotics.

At least I see a consensus on my feed of friends on FB, one of genuine shock, horror, grief even. This is one profoundly bleak morning.

Swings of history, we’re just right now accelerating into a deep, dark trough.

We’re going to have to work our way out of it.

Because we deserve better than this.

We’re better than this.

We’re better than them.