Paid my tax. Resentfully. Then another day of dirge.


Course they would, because the GFA is intrinsic to the EU adn vice versa. It’s a peace treaty they’re protecting, not trying to fuck about with the UK. If it kicks off again in NI, will it spread into Ireland, would any proto-EU army find itself fighting the British army? Surely NATO would split? And the ensuing instability and border problems would ensure nasty little fire-bomb Britain would not be let back into teh EU for decades.

This is normally called naked corruption. For the sake of a few bungs, that’ll wash through, with recipients dependent on their MP’s accepting the bribe, in lieu of actual targeted funding by the EU that this money will help kill off by way of leaving deal or no-deal. The short-termism of anyone who accepts this … the whole world watches agog, again. Fucking Hell.

Meanwhile here’s what we’re missing out on. People are talking of Germany teetering into recession, and Italy being in recession, ‘haha stupid EU what’s so great about it?’ The EU’s never pretended to be recession proof, it’s just that its members prosper far more in good times, and less in bad times, unless you’ve racked up debts bigger than your GDP then you’re in trouble (Italy, Greece). But this is taken to be reason to leave completely, because that wouldn’t blow everything up? Still, I think I know where BMW might sell those spare cars … #

Otherwise the readings and thoughts are grim.



Funnily enough I was listening to the radio earlier, wondering we’d not heard about the fishing industry for a while, but lo there was a story, Belgians worried about a No Deal, but of course a no deal hits UK fishing industry as we export loads to Europe and its’ very time sensitive. Further to that, Dawn was saying how the ports aren’t ready, they can’t take the bigger cargo ships diverted from Dover and Folkstone, they don’t have the depth, the ports, the jetties, and if they do they do’t have the customs facilities, and if they do then they’re hours further sailing time and driving time, lorries on B roads, which all adds costs and the delays could wipe out much of the produce if it’s agricultural for supermarkets, the cost rises negating any gain from a fallen Pound or zero tariffs. We’re not fucking ready, nowhere near. We’ll as likely roll back all the regulations that cleaned our seas in the first place (blue flag beaches …) and have such toxic fish no-one in Europe would import them anyway. Or could.


… yellow vests even went and had a go at Pimlico Plumbers.

One positive thought. The Huguenots got Hell under the French during the 17th and 18th centuries, and scattered across Europe. All those lands that accepted them, prospered for it. France meanwhile imploded into the bloodiest revolution and then an apocalypse of Imperialism for it …

Later: someone pointed out Farage is of Huguenot descent. FFS, he’s not even of human descent. So my point still stands.

Tax II

Another day, more fresh shit.

Someone said of Farage being interviewed on RTE, OK, he was shat on – but he doesn’t care. This isn’t about debate, this isn’t about what’s right, this is about pushing an agenda, and he is prepared to say and do anything to that end – nothing of what he says matters, it’s the end that counts.

I was in Russia in 1996 when its economy was completely smashed after the USSR collapsed and Russia’s economy was subjected to shock doctrine.
Yeltsin barely hung on, Moscow was riven with gangster violence a la 1930s Chicago, we nearly had a coup. But my students had the sole solace of being able to say it was shit, because that was democracy.
Out of all that came the ‘strong man’, Putin, and all his oppressive horror. Twelve, 15 years after my time in Russia, the young Russians I worked with in London fully eschewed democracy and embraced ‘strength’ for making Russia a respected global power again.

There’s an Irish Times article about a brewing of civil war:

Then there’s this old fucker:

Today I wrote to the Swedish foreign minister regarding her despair over the UK and its Brexit piss about, I wrote saying we feel the same. I will also write to every fucking senator in Ireland.

See the delusion. The EU called within minutes of the vote to say ‘no’, but the far-right press lie anyway. This is the scale of the lie we have to put up with. It’s all about blaming the EU, which is why I’m sure there’s going to be no deal.


This obese cockwomble lies from one room to the next. What an arsehole. And all on the BBC, too. He says ‘not one job’, then claims he always said it’s make us poorer, then when reminded of ‘not one job’ he says he stands by it (??!) but that jobs lost are not Brexit related anyway. I’ll write to the boards of the six companies he’s on and point out his astounding bullshit.


Meanwhile, away from obese plutocrats lying from one breath to the next, let’s see the outcome of those lies:


50823691_338284946788430_7902711941712314368_nyepStarted doing my tax return, amid wholesale resentment of having to pay to support this gang of utter and complete crooks and the damage they have and will go on to inflict.

From disparaging the Bulgarians and Romanians, to fearing the Turks, back to the old favourite, hating the Germans.
And all to get at the Muslims.
Fucking tell me this whole vile escapade isn’t infused with fear and hate of foreigners.

A possible positive note is that the Leavers who believe all this is project fear – although someone tweeted ‘why would there be a conspiracy between grocers and planemakers to terrify everyone into not going ahead with this, what would they get out of it, what unites them???’ Good point. Still, if they’re not stockpiling, then it’ll be them caught short in any shitshow, panic buying a la Black Friday all day every day, and in the process we may see a few culled by their own stupidity as we remain indoors.

Tom Moriarty said something stirring:

This morning I chatted with an actress who does shifts at Cummings’ engine works in Darlington, said half the staff could be lost, 100s of workers, over Brexit, everyone’s just in this state of paralysis, the issue being threats to the imports of metals for the engines. She said this is the case for every large engineering company in the region. We agreed this is the most horrific, unending clusterfuck. Nice girl. The other actress came late but immediately, ‘o God no don’t talk to me about Brexit!’ … Remainers are many in number.

It’s the second vote on May’s deal today – they all get as many votes as needed, we muggins public get one shit vote. A ton of Leavers outside, possibly not as many Remainers, but they’re being very noisy and aggressive, ‘toxic’ as Maddy put it.

The immigration bill passed y’day by 294 to 245 or I think it passed by 63 votes because 76 Labour MPs abstained. This is the 2nd reading and there’s time to kill it yet at Committee and the 3rd reading but I put nothign past these bastards letting it pass by the most cowardly default. David Hardman’s livid, rightly. Abbott’s tweeted something about needing to restore the CTA as well – WTF? That’s separate isn’t it? That’s based on Irish-UK agreement from before we even went into the Common Market. Motherfuckers. Dulled my day.

Joe Spence replied, believes ‘disagree with what he says but defend his right to say it’, I replied that Farage was beyond that and we were now ‘evil prevails when good men do nothing’. Still, only half a dozen OAs have written to him. …

You betcha. Consider that the EU only allows in stable countries so any efforts to rejoin will be stymied, as well as the UK probably being considered as a hostile power. I feel so sorry for those who are leaving as well, having to find other jobs in other countries, because a no-deal Brexit will not only fuck us up but cause problems across the EU, hence the newly homeless and stateless might well be jobless too. The stress these poor bastards are under.

Riots will hit streets after Brexit and UK will be ‘unstable’ for years, EU report warns

Someone phoned in to Farage’s show warning of ‘blood and slaughter’ if Brexit doesn’t happen. There’ll be that anyway. People are going to die, in an orgy of violence by the far-right, by famine or accidents of medical supplies failing, by their own hand.

Even as I write we read of blood donation days in Dover being cancelled due to anticipated disruption in the area.

And it’s only Tuesday. Oh yes, the Cooper amendment, the Brady amendment, with May amending her own WA to now fuck ghe backstop although the ERG wants the backstop now, May saying she can win this and go back to the EU to renegotiate, tho they’ve said over and over and over, it’s closed, adn MEPs could not pass anything that’d undermine the GFA. And the anomaly of wanting an open border with Ireland while insisting on taking control of our borders and hence the ridding of FoM.

Apparently hundreds of thousands of Brits in Spain, France and Italy will lose their free healthcare. Hope someone’s telling them. Don’t bank on it though.

The day started with Tice being an idiot, and ended with the entire Parliament being idiots. Amendments by Cooper, Grieve, many others were voted down, leaving no deal on the table, then there was this Brady amendment about the backstop. Something about May supporting an amendment that undoes her own deal and the ERG were on board with this – it was all very very weird and fucked – and this she intends to take to the EU – who within 10 minutes of the vote said ‘no’. Sorry to repeat myself, I’m not up to speed with even what I’m doing!

Ian Dunt gave a running commentary:

There was a tidalwave of despair on Facebook as it seems we’re cantering towards no deal come Hell or high, with a few Labour rebels even voting down the good amendment s from Cooper and Grieve, apparently they’re from staunchly Leave constituencies – but are they still that way inclined?

Some perspective from a Romanian friend …

I was born two months before the Romanian revolution, in what was then one of the world’s nastiest dictatorships. My great-great-grandfather (my maternal grandma’s granddad), a schoolteacher who brought up our nation’s first educated generations of the peasantry, became a prisoner of conscience in the early 50’s. His wife, also a schoolteacher, died of a pneumonia acquired while travelling to visit him in the dismal Communist prison. My Grandma’s dad, a lawyer who studied at the Sorbonne, was denied entry to the Bar Association. My Great-Grandma, also a lawyer, was told that the only way he could join the Bar was if she resigns her place (presumably to become a housewife). She refused ; and it turned out a wise decision. Less than two years later, her husband died of cancer, but with her profession she was able to support her family. Their daughter, my Grandma, was denied entry to the Faculty of Medicine because of who her Grandpa was, she studied Maths and Physics and became a schoolteacher instead.

Several decades before, my maternal grandpa’s dad, a Cossak who had served in the Czar’s army in the Ruso-Japanese War, was forced to flee his homeland in the wake of the Red Revolution. He settled in Moldova, where he opened a wine business and married a fisherman’s daughter. My Grandpa lived through the fascism of the Iron Guard in the 30′ ‘s, and then the 50 years of Communism.

His cousin, our auntie Marga, married a statistician,a brilliant academic. In the days of Communism, passports were kept at the local police station, and borders were entirely closed . Every time he ever applied for his passport to travel to academic conferences, it was “conveniently” released a few days after the event. Their daughter and her husband, an orquestra conductor, fled the country when Ceaușescu was in power with nothing but two suitcases on them. They had no way of knowing if and when they would see her again (Not sure, but I believe it may have been only after the Revolution).

When I was born, there were severe food shortages and food was being rationed. My mum couldn’t breastfeed me ; she caught an infection from a dirty hospital ward. I’m only alive today because our neighbour, a colaborator of the Securitate, was able to find formula on the black market. Then the Revolutionary came, and my crib went in the hallway, to protect me from stray bullets (a very real concern; someone in our block of flats had a window broken by a bullet which ended up in her pot of sarmale).

Things got better. I got an education
I did interesting things. I came to the UK.

I am telling you all of this to remind you that we are neither the first nor the last people to live in difficult times. In 2016, heartbroken after the Brexit vote, I called my mum and my Grandma in tears; because I had to ask them : “How do you live in difficult times? How do you keep sane?”

Their answer was to focus on the present, on what is right here, right now in front of you. You have to wash dishes, write three pages, go out, meet friends, come back home, cook dinner, etc. etc. And never really lose hope : life has a way of working out, even though sometimes not in the ways that you expect.

The long line of intelligent, brilliant women in my family have known more hardship than I ever will. Through it all, they always had strength, resilience, creativity and hope.

Right now, I have to fundraise for the Work Rights Centre. I have to cover my budding crocus in hay so that it doesn’t freeze. I have to make a risotto. I have a lot of work to do.

And I am not allowing myself to not feel hopeful. Not now, not ever.


Such wonderful stoicism. There’s also this approach:

Etiquette of Brexit

Friends you know and like write shit on their wall about Brexit. To what extent do you engage? ‘It’ll all settle down after March 29′. No, no no, that’s when it all begins. This is the prelude.

People you fear more than anything not only will get burned by all this, but in such a scenario will as readily blame everyone else – the govt, the EU, people for not preparing, Remainers, foreigners – for the clusterfuckery that is the situation of their own creation borne purely from their own blithe gung-ho ignorance. Wrap that shit in the flag and see who salutes!

Elements of Bullingdon, too, we can with psychotic glee smash it all up because someone else is going to pay.
The problem under martial law will be the hordes of angry, dispossessed people drawn out of desperation and frustrated pride into criminal gangs, battling police for their own survival but also anyone foreign as they’re to blame, all prey to the neon-Nazis.

Nazi Germany had the veneer of authoritarian, nationalistic order, but was really a jungle of thieves. Dispossessing the minorities – state-sanctioned theft – was what ran rife throughout the regime, that and the blank cheque that was the audacious claim to back any act or order,’ in the name of the Fuhrer!’ as it had progressed to become from being ‘the will of the people’.

Gove and his, ‘we’ve had enough of experts’. Like Toby Young, sets up a free school with no experience how to run a school let alone even bloody teach, *smash*. What a surprise. Does that stop him? No. The irony is for all the mass eschewing of ‘experts’, the dismissing of doubts and forecasts as ‘no-one can see the future’, but the default to that is apparently ‘it’s going to be great, if you have faith’. Where in the world did this ‘faith’ come from? We’re all normally so Godless.

But the failure of this faith will be blame, the non-believers, the agents of Lucifer, the infidels.

How do we engage with the people we know are wrong, so wrong? Censoring ourselves … for the sake of what?

Censoring myself for the thought I’ve held for weeks if not months – we’ve lost, there’ll be no PV, no revoking of Article 50. May’s going for it, Corbyn’s fencesitting is going for it, we have any number of MPs up here still who are Corbynists who are joining him in fencesitting, and not giving any leadership at all as to what to actually do in whichever situation or scenario that comes about.

How he doesn’t lose it with people like this:

The consensus is ..

It’s the weekend! Phew, at last. Two days off from all this shit. Let’s listen to the radio …

So his solution to this total clusterfuck of a mess made by Britain – half of Britain – no, no, a quarter of Brits who didn’t know what they were voting for and it sure as Hell wasn’t this – is for Ireland to leave the EU and rejoin the UK (after comments like Priti Patel that the threat of food shortages should have been better utilised in getting Ireland ‘on board’) … Holy Christ what a fucking arrogant fool is Humphrey. I’m amazed at the Irish minister, with me there’d have been a stunned silence of some seconds, then a ‘what?’. In fact this is less and less like The Thick of It than it is The Office.

From another tack, however, the Queen is calling for ‘common ground’ between us all on this. This was met with widespread derision, and was brilliantly shot down by James O’Brien. But on reflection, it says a lot, a lot, for the Queen to feel compelled, or agree to at least, to speak out on this, in such terms. There is a Royal reserve on lots of things, even if Charles speaks out, but this is the Queen. Like Hirohito telling the Japanese the war is over. (I’m reading The Rape of Nanking, I might have said, and there are again too many echoes with the UK as to how Imperial Japan came to be this murderously self-regardingly superior island race, seeking almost revenge on everyone for the humiliation meted upon it by the US and the West [on trade – forcing it to trade on terms it didn’t like …] and it came back with this conflated sense of self through which it murdered millions in China and Korea. In the 1930s a cabal of far-right militarists then took step after step by way of a cascaded coup to take over then blow the crap out of everywhere … like what we’re seeing in Parliament? Are we destined for war? I’ve heard the like?)

Anyway from most Remainers the response to the Queen is ‘shove it!’ Soz, Liz.

I digress. Methinks there are some seriously rattled people high up the Establishment chain (to use that phrase that’s been hijacked by abused by ultra-Establishmentarians like  Rees Mogg and Farage.

More later about the stall, and I’m still in Facebook gaol. (insert Beartato picture here) …

I’m out of Facebook gaol.

Today we had a stall at Seaham, led by Guiseppe, and a few others turned out, about six of us at most, which was a good turnout, more of my surreal life spending a January Saturday in this cold little seaside town, the gulls, the sea spray, the mostly agreeable locals who engaged with us, the handful of determined leavers of whom a couple were seriously angry. I actually enjoyed watching them foam, one said ‘I’ll burn it!’ about the Brexitometer, had to be hauled away by his wife, another with raggedy beard and warts on his face bogged me down about tariffs, and ‘red tape makes working with Europe so difficult!’, but he didn’t look like a successful exporter to the EU, and what he thinks will happen to said red tape when we leave is anyone’s guess. Not his, apparently. ‘You don’t know what yoiu’re talking about!’ he yelled from up the street. Sometimes I don’t.
I’m …increasingly reconciled to the fact that we’ve lost. I think many others think and feel the same. But we are committed to carrying on. Because we must. So we wonder, how did we lose before, how did we lose now? By not having the media platforms, by not having the bots, by not being on those FB pages and listening to those vile radio shows to know what they’re being told. The shape-shifting power of the Leave side is incredible, every day a new meme, a new twist of alogic, but it works on enough people, who are very confident in repeating it and get very angry when challenged, as if they know but can’t work out why something’s not right – not them, but something.
Something is not right – within little more than two years we’ve got people willing ot accept WWII rations, and as the Times reported today, martial law is being gamed for (I said this ages ago!).

On the stall, ‘corrupt vote’ met with ‘it’s all corrupt! Everything’s crooked,’ and then ‘but we voted OUT’. Oh ok. Then the Germans would have to come around because they want to sell us cars – they’ll still sell us cars, but ours will be more expensive to them, … in fact the problem is we won’t have any to sell. Nor plane wings, for that matter.
Corbyn will come around, too (no he fucking won’t! – the PV has been dropped as an amendment by the cross-party group due to a lack of support from JC – because he wants Brexit. As does Owen Jones, it seems. They think they can get the new socialist paradise from blowing up what we have. The criminal lack of any decent opposition in this country. There’s been a hell of a grassroots effort though, I’m pleased to have been part of this.
‘We can take advantage of all the opportunities to trade with the rest of the world,’ but we already do.
I chatted with J, about stockpiling, ‘oh we’ve been doing that for ages’, I wanted to say how I felt about it, ‘well my husband’s diabetic!’. Oh, ok, a sympathetic ear would have been nice. One of the other helpers was a bit oblivious too, barging in on my stickering. I might find serious things to complain about one day. Like Brexit!

A slither of reality: C has said ‘We think it’s time to leave’.
It’s that bad. It’s not about the fee or not having to pay, it’s this country. It’s gone mad.
And I reckon the only plausible escape route, to Ireland, will close. They’ll be overwhelmed with English refugees and the UK is looking for a war really, with them. So that’ll be out the window.

More cheer:


How could we have improved or will improve? Local intel. What the EU has done for them, built the business park, built the shopping mall, all these things after the mines closed. We don’t know this stuff tho, while the information is out there, and it has been for some months, we’re not capitalising on it.

Hat-trick of Bellends


Bellend II

Bellend III

And the EMA has left London. A truly sad picture of their closing ceremony. Too sad to share, really.