Costa del-ayed too late

Late amendum: Total unhooray. Note, this was offered by the EU itself two years ago and rejected out of hand by May who sought to use us all as bargaining chips. North Korea uses nukes as a bargaining chip. Our government uses millions of people’s rights and lives.



Like we’re not fucking humiliated already? Only for the bastards that conned us into this:

Oh yeah, this is why we’re going ahead with this crime:

Bloody Jesus shat

That’s just how I feel most of the time at the mo.

A round up of yesterday and some of today’s toings and froings. A lighter note to end the evening was we saw Trump the Musical at Alphabetti, five live wires from Blowfish theatre in an incredibly energetic performance that pretty much took you to all the places you’d, well, no longer think implausible these days in terms of the relationships vice, and averice of Trump, Farage, Putin, Kim Jong un and the MLE (Metropolitan Liberal Elite – nah, no escape, can’t be partisan). It reminded me of the satire about Hitler in the series Christabel 

Otherwise, R is unwell and is going to cost a bomb in vet’s fees. I was asked to take a seat but refused in a passive-aggressive stand-off with one of the vets as she was leaving, I think I was freaking htem all out, but not intending to. Maybe I had more of an impact on the phone the other day than I thought. Good.

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I have served the UK as a British Army wife for decades, but the treatment of EU nationals has changed my view of this country

No one knows who is paying for millions of Facebook ads demanding ‘no deal’ Brexit

As David Lammy has said, as Jessica Simor has said, as everyone has said.

Absolutely, tell us about it.

Idiot smirks as the risk to the Good Friday Agreement is laid bare.

Arch-bastard makes his threat.

Allies and lackies of arch-bastard out in full piss-taking force … Look at this arsehole hijack one of the most significant and historic feats by the working class movement. The men of Jarrow marched 100s of miles in protest at the lack of jobs, at their poverty, and took their grievances by foot to London where the powers-that-be, the landowners, the factory owners, the capitalists, were all holed up. Now these far-right plutocrats seek to reclaim that as their own, using Sunderland as the starting point. Sunderland that stands to lose so much from Brexit when Nissan leaves. And it will. And they’re all in this post – Farage, Darren Crimes, Tice, those scumbags from Turning Point.

This is what grassroots heroism is, from a real Mackem.

Another hero.

This is what we’re up against – or how the MSM likes to portray it.

This is what we’re up against in terms of competence (BTW I was wrong hahahaha about the Costa amendment, it was dropped as it was adopted without need for a vote by the House – in surely what is a rebuke of the intransigence, if not criminal enterprise of May’s crew in using them all as bargaining chips.

And back to where it all began, the fishermen, pawns in a neo-piscean fantasy dreamt up by bastards in London who bet daily more money on currency hedges than these guys contribute to the UK’s GDP in a year. I mean no disrespect to the latter at all, theirs is one tough job in every sense, but they’ve been used.

More lies and futile battles. On FB some bat was going on about how she remembered rations and the country survived the war, virtually isolated. I reminded her of the tens of thousands who died in the Atlantic convoys making sure this country didn’t fucking starve because we were reliant on imported food, even then, with way more land being farmed, and a population two-thirds the size it is now. She carped about her allotment et al – who even has land to grow food here, in the inner cities, let alone the skills to do so?

Costa del Delay

The Costa amendment was dropped. The Tory MP who proposed it to ringfence EU and UK citizens’ rights in a no-deal Brexit was fired for doing so, although Sajid Javid seemed unaware of that when he supported the plan in committee. Then the Speaker dropped it anyway.

Utterly fucking crazy times.

(note – it’s not quite as you understood it, see next post!)

See the contrast in correspondence …


Soros? What’s he got to do with it? Hmm! Some measured responses from For Britain on that:

Which? reported that immigration times at Alicante for Brits could stretch to hours, which is a stuffer as over 60% of people going through the airport are Brit holidaymakers. Well done Brexiters! In fact the top six airports used by Brits as destinations are in Spain. This’ll have a serious knock-on on the Spanish economy as well, poor buggers. I can only imagine Brit holidays to Europe will be hammered by the collapse of the Pound …

I saw y’day on a friend’s ‘wall’ an apocryphal tale of aged WWII veteran having a barney with French passport control, ‘I didn’t need a passport when I was liberating the place in 1944!’ (although he must have had some form of ID). Today said mythical anecdote was presented as fact by said chum in the reception of his gym, with a nod to me, ‘stick that in your pipe and smoke it!’. He’s a great bloke and we’ve decided tacitly I think we disagree on this so let’s not go there, but … it’s the memes, the stuff, the ideas, their targeted appeal to the military. And he’s having a go at me as if I’m against respecting what our armed forces have done, while he voted Leave to limit immigration of non-EU people into the country. None of it stacks up.

Let’s chuck this in here anyway:

And this about an MP realising the ref was bent.


Not so good.

A nice note vs. a load of crap.


Belated roundup

Too fucking tired.

The govt’s view of a no-deal.

Click to access Implications_for_Business_and_Trade_of_a_No_Deal_Exit_on_29_March_2019.pdf

DD’s view on that.

Another way of looking at it.

The judges’ view of the referendum.

A punter’s view of JC for endorsing the referendum result.


The 3 million’s view on JC’s woefully late intervention.


Ciaran’s view of the frictionless Swiss border (Julia Hartley Brewer et al skied into Switzerland, they think Schengen rules for people are the same for lorries …)

Bearder MEP’s view of the ERG.

Bellend bootboy is taken off FB, Instagram, YouTube et al, i.e. private platforms won’t let him profit from hate anymore. So he kicks off.

52286630_2211986142212712_8858850525991403520_n53028708_1959306210848441_4875722547447988224_nFeb 27



Cockteasers deliver!

After some monumental cockteasing, and I mean, monumental, Labour’s finally come out in favour of a second referendum, although we strongly suspect it’s because of the rise of TIG (whatever they really stand for … that’s interesting, does the fact that TIG exists at all as a generic ‘protest’ collective matter more than what they might end up standing for? Although on this 2nd ref they have scored!) Even then they had to have a fight about it whether it would be between May and Remain and May and No Deal. But they’ve got to get an extension to do it, we’re about 750 hours from Brexit. Utter fuckers.

That door however just remains open:


The Dutch are taking a more studied diplomatic approach, telling us they’re our friends and friends need to be able to say uncomfortable truths. This is as Amsterdam is raking it in from businesses relocating there.


Superarsehole Nigel carps about how another vote is undemocratic and a betrayal (while citing three votes towards that effect?). The Leavers are panicking and it’s full on ‘voting is undemocratic!’ from the bots and trolls and headbangers. But it seems we … could yet get an extension and a PV … they go on and on about the Lisbon Treaty, ‘read about Lisbon’ but never provide a credible link, instead sharing this made up death list of lies.  Here’s Nige whinging, saying he’d go on holiday during a 2nd ref. Plus he made it clear in the last ref a close result (52-48) would see him hassling for another vote. Nice for him tho, shame about the Honda workers his lies helped put out of work:

Arsehole. A real arsehole.

Good news I guess:

Not so good news:

MPs planning ‘hardship fund’ for people left without work after no-deal Brexit