Were bribed but would not now go for Brexit as they see a united Ireland as a seriously likely outcome of a No Deal.

Well … shit. Funnily enough for today, Friday, in case cars are overturned, or cups of tea thrown and any forrin get kicked in, if anyone’s going to be underwhelmed by a British riot it’ll be the DUP. “So yer telling us this is a roiot now, are you. Jesus Mary mother of God!”


Mondays – fucking Mondays.

From the high of Saturday, Monday came down with a classic fucking bump. May decides because she can’t win meaningful vote 3 (contradiction in terms and didn’t Bercow say it wasn’t on anyway) this week, she won’t have the vote at all. There were also a series of indicative votes lined up this week that suddenly didn’t look like they were going ahead, and for all the shit that had gone down and the EU giving us more time, it looked like we were back to where we were – although, as May confirmed, while there would be an amendment made that MPs would vote on to extend Art 50 exit date in UK law, it was in any case superseded by the EU, i.e. March 29 is off, regardless (although this is May we’re talking about …) HA! And so my lot are having a party that night.

So I embarked on the heroically futile act of emailing every MP with the results of their constituency so far of this petition (5.6 million and counting as of 11pm 25 March). I done about 115 then ran out of gas as a tide of Tweets came in. But the results are staggering, the top dozen results have a third of constituents signing, from Bristol West to Bermondsey and Old Southwark, admittedly all already heavy Remain seats, but pulling out the stops again in any case.

Meanwhile reports come out that there’s some kind of coup against May being plotted, and there’s been a meeting at Chequers, IDS turns up in his austerity Morgan convertible, Rees-Mogg comes with Mini-Mogg (poor fucking kid, was he attendant at the sessions? JRM is psychotic). Bojo comes, telling Brussels ‘Pharoah let my people go’, whereupon it’s getting weird, and the coup is over without having started, then JRM and co are calling themselves ‘grand wizards’ without irony that this is what the KKK bigwigs called themselves – they are linked to American white supremacists nonetheless – and of course we’re tired and bewildered, and even Ian Dunt’s tweets are just a series of ‘omfg’ … on the plus side, I’ve really pissed off Doug Shield in the Journal, and that raging madman Rodney ‘Lord Summerisle’ Atkinson has turned up, so I wrote a quick reply letter and hopefully will enrage them both.

That’s a point. While the petition busted 5 million and over a million marched in London, May was being plotted against and not plotted against while plotting to pull a ‘meaningful’ vote (the third such one) knowing she’d lose, while Corbyn God fucking help us was in Morecambe doing impressions of a statue. Dominic Raab got shat on, I emailed him to tell him he’s shit, and his constituency office. Also Esther McVey, Darren Crimes is doing this weird ‘skiing in Switzerland I’m not a lorry’ shit like Julia Heartless-pissup-in-brewery. Bellend O’No has had Nigel Cancer on his radio show. Bellend in a baseball cap as cool as William Hague. Not a MAGA hat tho.

I’ll add Tweets later. D’s gone to the US for two weeks, hopefully she’ll have a great time :). Might get some DIY done. Or I might just sit here and fry my mind with FB and Shitter.

Former civil service chiefs warn of threat to officials’ neutrality

Rachel Sylvester has tonight reported in The Times that minutes from last week’s Cabinet, written by the Cabinet secretary Sir Mark Sedwill, suggest that ministers discussed how they were “committed to delivering Brexit — not to do so would be damaging to the Conservative Party”.Responding, the former heads of both the home and the diplomatic civil services have this evening both warned of the threat to the neutrality of the civil service the Government’s reported behaviour poses.

Lord Kerr, the former head of HM Diplomatic Service, said: “They do what their political masters tell them but morale is low because most people fear that what they are doing is going to be hostile to the economic wellbeing of the country. The prime minister looks as if trying to hold the party together is her primary concern.”

Lord Kerslake, the former Head of the Home Civil Service, said: “The civil service have a loyalty to the government of the day but they are also servants of the crown and the country. Normally there isn’t a conflict because you expect the government to act on behalf of the country but in the situation we are now in, where the interests of the Conservative Party are not necessarily the same as the interests of the country and the consequences are so grave, I do feel that their responsibility to crown and country needs to play in.”




Numerous on Wednesday …

Watch this coke-addled 6th former doing a bad impression of ex White House press bloke Stephen Miller.

This Edgington has been the Alt-Right Camp and now I think of it it makes Bellend O’No’s outburst about ‘they’ve declared war on democracy’ more sense, he’s basically trying to be a British version of Alex Jones and went and learned the same angry bullshit rhetorical techniques.

Gamers vs. Gammons

This has spilled into an interesting spat on Twitter, where last night Batten of UKIP posted in his doomed fight against the EU’s internet copyright regulation, that’ll put the onus on big companies to check content for copyright infringements and ensure artists adn musicians are rightly compensated. This has put the wind up many in the online community who post memes, vlogs, gameplay videos et al who say they’ll be shut down en masse, calling it ‘censorship’, ‘free speech’ is being stymied. Free I’d say as in ‘free use’ of others’ stuff so regarding copyright use and abuse I’m not wholly on their side, although there’s scope for filters to check for copyright content to be overly primed and throw up too many false positives even from a benevolent perspective, and of course there’s not much to stop them being tuned to really filter out anything considered contentious. Online lot, gamers, complaining of censorship, free speech erosions, fair use, and support UKIP wholeheartedly because it purportedly represents to them standing up for individual freedoms against the tyranny of the EU. And in one fall swoop you have those entire youthful generation – and it seems in Germany in particular, the home of the EU to all intents – now turning against it.

And I’m attacked very quickly by an army of bots among them claiming I’m just a Remaienr who doesn’t understand, left wing, pro big business, all sorts, very quick to attack me for my politics. Probably in all fairness cos I had a go at UKIP, but how many UKIPpers are these young online gamer types now?

My take is simply UKIP doesn’t give a flying fuck, it’s UKIP. Not only would they have made probably a hell of a lot more headway had they not been so viciously isolationist and toxic to deal with on any level, and that their efficacy on this issue is like any other massively reduced by the fact they seek to leave – denying us a voice. UKIP is the party that by its own nihilistic raison d’etre seeks its own destruction and to destroy the UK’s voice in Europe … just as it claims there’s a real threat to free speech. But the impetus comes from Count Dankula and all these other online types that use memes and adapt others content, gain mass followings globally, monetise it and fund themselves as  YouTubers et al, but also happen to be alt-right quite often and propogate UKIP’s devious shit online to a global audience, a youthful global audience. Of course the main parties may be oblivious to this, it may be a generational thing where I (as a Remainer) am blind to the power of the meme culture, and the great attachment UKIP now has with them for defending it. Arguments that UKIP are simply the vanguard to probe and attack the EU, and were indeed from day 1 against the bill and Art 13 because that’s what their online vloggers and propagandists wanted … fall on the deaf ears of those who say ‘listen to their leaders, read their manifesto’.

The puppies that the pigs took away in Animal Farm become the attack dogs. They are the bots and trolls, steeped in misogyny, brought up in a hyper competitive online world devoid of any attachment to actual reality, let loose upon us all else across social media, hacking, all sorts, no connection, instantly connected to like minded, and all so righteous with it. What an own goal for the EU, that symobolises neo-liberal, suited fuddy-duddy oppression vs. the ‘freedom’ of the online domain and its anonymous hate mongers, monetising others’ content to pay for the politicians of hate. It’s a symbiotic relationship of hate making money spreading lies getting hits and so on.

A real wave of fear washed through me today when I saw this global movement of gamers united in hate towards the EU but also in favour of the alt-right, because Dankula et al exit in their domain, talk their language, have taught them their language, taught them what free speech means. Not free speech as in Index on Censorship, Article 19, PEN, et al..

4Chan, PewDiePie that UKIP said it supported … Galsworthy mentioned 4Chan re the Christchurch killer …

A real wave of fear as I worked with two lovely actresses, both agreed the real problem is the poison of this all, Sh talking as being married to a non-EU, the HO hassle her like mad, ‘you live with him where he’s from, he doesn’t come here,’ Am saying her 9-year-old can see this doesn’t work on any level and is just stupid. We all got surprisingly angry, and even boiling over as the candidate came to take us in for our interview.

The free speech of Bellend O’no where you basically seek to spread hate with utter impunity, even where you can absolve yourself of any responsibility of the outcomes

Bellend O’No … stoking anger for Parliament Sq on Friday when the marchers turn up and we have we have a load of angry gammons coming along with March 29 no longer the Leave date. This guy ‘they’ve declared war on democracy!’ what if someone dies for this?

I’m not defending the EU because it’s so great, it’s because leaving it as the plans presented are, and by whose hands, are fucking awful.

Guardian article …

key votes today. May’s in trouble, resigning, what difference that’ll make … apparently she made this promise with tears in her eyes. The DUP still isn’t going for the deal, just as Rees Mogg has said he’d come out for May’s deal because otherwise we’d not leave at all. But we know his game, get the WA, May goes, an ERG placeperson gets in and destroys everything.

omg om


Oo dear. UKIP’s going to Parliament Square when Nigel and crew are turning up. Can’t think who’ll they’ll end up fighting. SODEM is withdrawing on Friday even if there’s a 3MV (confirm that!) but for everyone’s safety all decent folk should stay away from Parliament Square.

he is as well

I had a go at Piers Morgan on Twitter, he claiming he respects democracy, while at the same time he attacks rueful leavers for believing Leave lies. This bastard stoking hate while the Revoke Art 50 Petition organiser gets death threats, like Millar, like Soubry, like Cox before the referendum, here he is, he who used a free press to attack and harass opponents, who ‘joked’ about Bray losing his rights … ah fuck him.

And fuck the HO too. Evil bastards.


Anyway on Monday the Commons voted to take control of Brexit (yes sorry that was pretty fucking momentous). All these amendments depend on the agreement being agreed by the HoC, however …

move to move date to April 12 – 441 vs 105 win

option b: leave April 12 no deal

d: common market 2.

h: EEA +EFta NO

j: UK-wide CU NO

k: permanent CU + SM alignment NO

l: revoke art 50 if no deal not approved NO

M: 2nd ref for any WA NO

o: Malthouse (ERG favoured) – no WA, go for a standstill agreement. NO

The March

We met before dawn, scores of us boarding a quartet of buses in the middle of town, to head for London. I found out then that most of the crew as I know them bloody well booked the train so were all jollying together to get there in half the time, putting me in a pissy mood of envy for some of the journey. But then Tim came and chatted, he’s a very interesting bloke, told me alot about his own campaigning, find a Tory canvasser was an Italian paid to do the job. He pointed to another chap on the bus, a young guy off the continent, who said regarding racism and xenophobia and that, his life and that of many others here was now “pretty much” fucked, but he’d come on the march to help us Brits not leave the EU because of the horrific cost to us all, and what a victory for hate it’d be.

Got to Marble ARch in only 5 and a half hours, predicted problems from Leavers blocking the roads didn’t happen, a complete damp squib of an idea, just like their shitty March to Leave. Berets out, placards assembled, make-up of blue and yellow blusher and stars. At 11 am it was pretty busy around Speaker’s Corner already and then these big brigades of people would arrive, with huge banners, from all over, the West Country, a huge contingent from Yorkshire with white roses aloft, all converging and packing onto Park Lane. The range of placards is amazing, it is truly a thing of its own now to have the wittiest, punchiest placards.

Very briefly I was in contact with my group, the Hearts Not Hate of NE4EU, Tees4EU, Angels for Europe et al, who put on a real strong showing, but I was off doing photos and somehow lost them very quickly.

It was a bit of a back up as Momentum was doing speeches that no-one could hear, and no-one wanted to hear, we know why we’re fucking here allright? So we didn’t really get going until nearly 1pm by which point there’s a Great North Run moment where everyone’s off to find the nearest tree. But Park Lane was ramemd, both lanes, the reservation where I was, very funny young chap on the phone, ‘we’re on the grassy knoll … following a unicorn’. Again, for all the turnout and effort, and exhaustion overwhelming, I was somewhere between elation and tears. And so the march began …

Bellend O’No hated it, as did some other fucker who said ‘meet out side the Hilton – elitist much?’ Piss off all of you.

Broke off at Marble Arch to Victoria for coffee and toilets, as I explained to a group going the other way, as quite a few folk were doing like I was and I worried that the event was fraying already, but with a few selfies with the heart in front of Buckingham Palace, along the Mall, up through a sideroad towards Pall Mall and then back in the throng, again, it was stacked. On we marched and boogied towards Traf Sq., I broke off onto St James’ Sq to rant at the East India Club, then back, spoke to John about a later possible sit-in (which didn’t happen he said, as he arrived hours later), but hit Traf Sq which was stowed. I tried to get a chopper to see my heart, then flipped a finger at it, much to the amusement of this young dude.

Couldn’t get near to Parliament Sq where Amelie was with friends, we had a good chat but by then I had to turn back to Park Lane.

Near the Ritz I found I could do erotic placarding, which I think a few were amused by, and I think one young woman .. was she filming me for it? Hmm!!!

Piccadilly nonetheless was still fucking chocka. This was over three hours since it’d started and they were still coming. October was officially 700k, but felt like a million, and this one they had to accept was a million, but really felt like 1.5 million. It was just huge. And so well behaved, and carnival like, and fun, and the drumming up Pall Mall was magnificent. There was a great speech about the NHS that had us all cheering, and the peril it’s already in, ah man, and mentions of the evil ones viz Brexit, whereupon i shouted Farage was the anti-Christ and this Christian lad took issue with that (he looked a bit worse for wear to be honest) but I was more concerned as to whether he was a Leaver or not.

I had time for a quick boogie on Park Lane, chatted up by this lovely little thing, then back in the bus (where we nearly left a French guy called Gerard behind), good chat among the troops all the way home and a cheer on getting back around 1045. We weren’t the only ones tho, we heard there were people bussing from the Highlands, from Inverness no less. They’d spend basically a day on the bus with a few hours in London. I welled up hearing that. Would have to loved to have seen them. It was overall a wonderful wonderful day. And the petition I think that day broke 4 million … but the petitioner has had three death threats by phone and more by Facebook. This is the cold barbaric reality of what we’re up against. This is what Brexit means now.


Just a third to make sure


Tweet cascade of a few days … 2 + text



May blames everyone except herself, and in this weird speech – well shit, everything she does is weird, this appallingly insincere speech of terrible acting, reaches out to the people, us, tells us what’s wrong, how we’re feeling, ‘you’re tired, you’re frustrated,’ like we’re being hypnotised, or like some dreadful paternalistic twat in an old film patronising the shit out of some young woman who knows full effing well that something’s up but can’t believe what’s going on …


May goes to Brussels to meet with the EU leaders, and we think this is just another clusterfuck.

I listened to Farage Thursday, he was crowing about the EU leaders taking so long to re-emerge from talks with May that there must be something afoot, something wrong, i.e. had one of them vetoed any agreement and we’d all crash out? like the Italians or Hungarians, as this traitor had asked them to do, or the French, as they’ve been loudly threatening.

Thing is re Farage, who goes to Belgium for a job for which he takes all the pay, expenses and benefits, but doesn’t actually do, when you think about the Gammons’ Paradox about immigrants coming and taking jobs AND benefits – he is it!

Some caller he gives an easy ride, another who calls him irresponsible for lying about Article 24 he says ‘terrible line’ and cuts off. Such a coward.

May comes back and the word is, we’ve got a short extension. I think. Thank fck fo sorts.


What we have got is: if May’s deal is passed next week (when did the Speaker agree to MV3?) we get until May 22. If not, we get until April 12 to sort out something else, be it organise a GE or a PV or revoke Art 50. The upshot of all that to me is that March 29 doesn’t happen either way, so hopefully that’ll blow a few Gammons’ minds.

Meanwhile a petition to Revoke Article 50 has gone stratospheric, gaining by about 2k signatures a minute, the uptake is sensational. I tried to film it busting a million but the site didn’t upload and it shot past, someone else had the same idea and Tweeted it, it’s funny the stuff we find ourselves doing.

Hell of a mood today about all this, and I wasn’t in the frame of mind to go do a photo shoot with Femi and the Angel. But I went, the usuals came and a few others, we had the hearts and spent a good half hour next to the road, having a really sweet time, a laugh. we’ve all got jobs to do, families to look after, and we’re getting crap for this, but we stick at it and it’s like, ‘yeah, try your shit, come on then!’ Sweetest heroic people, I was buoyed just by the larking.

About ten or 12 cars tooted in support, while one angry taxi driver shouted, ‘you lost! … Traitors’ and all sorts, although every time we tried to debate with him he closed the passenger window, which shows what debate and democracy means to him.

D revealed he had in fact been slapped on Saturday, bruised lip, but you can’t put him down. And it was kind of joyous, the 10 of us there, with our hearts, lined up along the road, I mean, why not? Nothing to lose, it’s what we believe in, we press on. D told about how someone’s following him around his way as he puts stickers about, they were taking them down within minutes, and now they’re going at the Bollocks with a marker pen. Same around here, it’s the bollocsk they don’t like. G is so tall no-one can touch where he puts them and C sits on Do’s shoulders to put theirs up. We’re like naughty kids who can’t be told. It’s very sweet really, lol!

Femi did arrive, poor lad he’s driving all over the shop in a knacked car that won’t start, God knows where he gets his energy, and he’s still prepared to run across a dual carriageway to debate with someone who’s already demonstrated their dissatisfaction with our stance through mime from over 50 yards away. Femi made the point the one thing we can’t do is if we have a PV and if we win (if if if if!!), is gloat. No. We must be magnanimous. In any case we’ll get a backlash. D made a point too about why Labour doesn’t seek to investigate the corruption of data usage, because Labour does the fucking same! Made me recall a LD guy saying something about demographic analysis methods …

Femi thinks revoking though is the nuclear option, because it’ll leave the Leavers with the betrayal myth all theirs to hammer and savour. I did agree, Tweeting that the reason the Leavers don’t want a second referendum is 1) because they’ll lose, but moreso, 2) they’ll lose the stick of ‘democracy’ they get to beat all their opponents with, 17.4 million voted for fuck knows what until the fascists saw the blank cheque and capitalised. They want betrayal because that fits the far-right narrative. It’s very difficult at times to see it all as anything other than a win-win for them, and in any case however miraculous an escape from Brexit that God ever provided, one which satisfied a critical mass of us all, how in the fuck we start to undo, stop, expurgate this vicious, angry white male hate, racism and misogyny and this given right to violence, that’s been brewed and festered.

S put the question about the Christchurch killings to Farage when he was up, he said he didn’t incite stuff like that with his vile waxen smile.

The Revoke Art 50 petition is now at 3.4 million, while the BBC is reporting it seems (not on R4 Today) but online for the fact it may have bots affecting it. Well yes it bloody might but can you at least look at the 2016 referendum if you’re going to talk about corrupted polls? FFS. Cadwalladr is very unimpressed. Simor had a go at Julia Heartly-Brewer just as the BBC was reporting … I Tweeted the BBC reporter to say ‘think we’ve found the problem with rigging the vote.’ Then of course on Channel 4 news later this sixth-former claimed to have done the same. Utter fucking time wasting lying wankers.


How foul has our country become?




Tweet cascade of a few days … 1