A chap with white hair and beard came around and put a Lib Dem leaflet through the door. I ran after him to give him some Bollocks To Brexit stickers, he said he was ‘unfortunately’ doing this as he’d been Labour since aged 14, and the first leaflet he put through the door, ‘I felt guilty,’ he looked so sad as he said it. But all the vacillating over a second referendum, and our MP saying ‘we’re going out unless we stay in’. Dudes WTF.

Even my eldest said this was ‘crazy ridiculous times, I can’t believe it’s gone this far’. As my BinLaw had said, he who’ll be probably allrighter than 99% of others (I’m guessing), ‘what do we do, go to Scotland and set up a kelp farm?’ He’d mentioned this neo-feudalism thing in the shires, the return of doff-capping and reverence to the Lord of the Manor. Must look into this. Another ‘wot?’ like DewDiePie and UKIP, and all the Sargon stuff.

We meanwhile have hustings at the uni today, no UKIP candidate, no Tory candidate from what I can see, and of late the BXP person is ‘TBC’. The mother of one of the other candidates called to say she’d called the police to ensure there’s a presence of some kind as her daughter had received all kinds of abuse and threats throughout this, and the police were surprised to find they’d not been informed. It’s been sorted, but … eh?

The hustings at MMU didn’t go well for the BXP, funnily enough.

MMU hustings

The man responsible for all this poison is of course our Nigel, who’s been twice properly done by journalists, one for BBC Wales and Matt Frei for Channel 4, the latest caper being how much Aaron Banks funded him post the 2016 referendum. Banks whose business is insurance, Nigel who seeks to have everyone on medical insurance.

It is a net beneficiary of money from the EU tha’ts ostensibly ours to start with, but where is it? And he goes on about the steel industry, destroyed under the Tories when he was a Tory, and now in even more trouble thanks to Brexit, while the EU sought to protect the steel industry from Chinese dumping. Utter lying bastard.

A TIG has defected to the Lib Dems in Scotland, might be their second loss already. Ah, they need to stand down, join the LDs all out.

I continue to leaflet with the crew, write letters to the paper, sticker like mad with the dog, tonight is the hustings, tomorrow a vigil, then leafletting elsewhere, today all day at the uni for academic updates on Brexit.

Is there a world other than this?