… allow a lol

Nigel came to Newcastle, unannounced, to the Monument surprisingly for it is the most prominent landmark – but in the middle of a working day, with his entourage of goons, press tipped off but no-one else, and for less than an hour, he just wanted a backdrop to follow on from Exeter, then he’d go on to Wakefield and Bolton (the last two being really quite committedly ‘leave’ in portrayal and location. NF started in Bolton last September, and Wakefield stuck out for me from BBCQT. Yep, a picture shot, then disappear before the protesters turn up. Which didn’t go to plan:


This is what you get for being far-right arseholes, chaps, and considering how your side did one on Jo Cox, threatened to ‘pick up my rifle’, threatened with ‘jokes’ of rape, and so on, and so forth, and lots more … I’m not sure you’ve got much to complain about.


For sure Nigel and Tommeh are working hand-in-glove, Nigel slags off Oldham from afar, then Tommeh goes in on the ground with the locals all stirred up.

Jamie’s visit to Liverpool didn’t go so well, though hahaha.

Leafleting this morning: old lady a few doors down is angry that no-one, MEP, MP, councillors ever come round (true) says her son in law is a millionaire, does deals with China and Japan all the time, voted out because of all the work he cant’ get due to the EU (eh?) … she also doesn’t like immigrants having taken all the housing having worked in housing for 10 years she knows it’s bent (eh??) and the borders are open (FFS) … she’s grammar school educated, university educated people are dangerous … she’d vote Green in the EU elections but she’s not registered to vote having moved in a year ago … but wants a deal still (interesting) and fairly blames the Tories & Labour for the carnage, not May (yes and no) but thinks the French and Germans have it in for us and they’r all corrupt but refused to prove it. 😦 She came back to the immigrants and I said sod it and left. TBH my facial leakage when she mentioned the Daily Mail derailed everything anyway. Wasted 20 minutes. But I didn’t go for her over immigration. I must.
Then I met the postie who offered to help deliver some leaflets, he said the postmen have a conscience clause that means they don’t have to post much from teh BNP etc if they’d don’t want. 🙂
Compare with leafleting this evening in Heaton:
What a turnout, and some interesting chats, we call agreed the far-right backing of Bannon et al has truly turned this scarey. But scared of what when this is what they’re truly like, lawless flakey bastards? When will these fuckers be held to account in our country?
Funnily enough a fair few people thought it was me. I was as said above bogged down arguing the toss with that ratbag, but was lightly touched to be thought it was me. It wasn’t, it was a good lad from just over the river, who I hope is bought lots of pints and milkshakes. Salty caramel banana ones at that.


We’ve been told the BXP candidates did not show up to hustings in Cardiff, Leeds, Harrogate, as well as in Newcastle.

Now we’re coming to the reality of the postal vote surge, that postal vote turnout – key to victory – is higher because of relative effortlessness, fire-and-forget. But how the Hell did Brexit Party leaflets get into the postal-vote send outs? How has that been corrupted?

Building on the fact that we strongly suspect millions of EU citizens here are disenfranchised by the lateness, apathy, incompetence, and deliberately inertia of electoral offices and councils to process applications to vote for MEPs in the UK, we also have the fact that many Brits abroad are being denied the ability to vote by post.

Even subtle things like the BXP logo pointing to the tickbox … or even the BBC story that highlights the BXP on the ballot …

We know now that Farage was lavishly provided by Aaron Banks, post referendum, and is now under investigation by the EU for not declaring income.

And here he is, creeping around the country in what must be a private jet, dropping in on areas as a backdrop.

A Brexit Party candidate can carp about loss of soverignty (lie) and freedom (yes, ours by losing freedom of movement) and democracy (ours – see above plus every lie on loop from 2015) – but ‘guess’ we could be poor for 30 years.  Who voted for that?

Out leafleting yesterday and Ch was telling me about the racist grandma she was accosted by at Saturday’s vigil, that Ch has been here 30 years, has children, grandchildren, nope ‘we voted for you to get out’.

Good news, Carl Benjamin has been milkshaked four times now. Jamie Goddard got chased up a tree in Liverpool. Tommy Robinson went to Oldham and got a hot reception from the MDL among others – Oldham being where Nigel slagged off just days before in the US as a racially divided town. Nige stokes the fire, Tommy comes in with the boots to get the reaction.

This is not fun.


And why do I doubt this?