Sides of town

Random61282467_2020028614972372_6514681436241395712_nfuck offnobs¬†More shades of the Toon. Leafleting in Bl, where I’d done anti-Farage leaflets the other day (pretty much universally panned), and pro-EU ones today (D’s design – what a star!). I bought some spachulas in the Pound shop for me and the other troops later (9 for about ¬£3 – cool), and saw a UKIP stall, which first made me baulk, then I thought at least I know where they are while I do the terraces again. Spachula of democracy in hand productivity shot up, no scraped knuckles or trapped fingers and the leaflets don’t get mashed up, at least a quarter faster and better all round. The tiny little bloody things …

This chap pulled up in a car, ‘you delivering the leaflets?’, I said yes, ‘did you see we had a Brexit Party leaflet in our window?’ I said no, anticipating a discussion if not a row, ‘ah, because we found the Brexit Party trifold wraps very well around a toilet roll and that’s what we’ve got in the window to show our feelings on them.’ Ah great, we thanked one another, shook hands and off he drove. I think now I probably had this harried look, and I was in a bit of a ‘fuck these people’ mood following seeing the UKIPs. It’s really pretty in parts though, the terraces are impressive, the yarded ones at the top very cosy, there’s a football pitch at the top of the hill, banked all around with wild flowers and bushes and a view of the valley, where the kids must play out til late with the summer dusks, then there’s a Victorian park in a dene at the bottom and a long row of very handsome houses. A whole other side to the town.

And yeah, Gateshead hates Nigel too :).

Nigel getting all shaken up, did that pierce his aura of invincibility, considering also how badly he took it, when Prescott punched back, Miliband just laughed it off, Nigel went all pompous and blame the hired hands about it. I wonder if it’s not dented his credibility just by staining his aura, and making him not only human, but weak, and shown to be hated, and framed in that style with Robinson and Benjamin who are real thugs. Teh latter I saw a vid of being milkshaked and even having horseshit dropped at his feet. People can be relentlessly frank.

‘They’re not laughing now!’ – but we are.

If this costs him a fraction of a percent of a vote. If the Tories cypher back some gullible fools with May’s new offer (something or not about a second referendum), if UKIP still manage to steal back a few votes, appalling though they be … along with other revelations about Nigel in recent days, to which he’s responded by banning Channel 4 news for one, is this chipping away? We’ll have to see. The travesty of our democracy with the frustrated votes of Brits abroad, the postal voting scamming, the denial of votes to Europeans here because of the lateness of it all (at the very least). But we feel a little more buoyed, as that the Lib Dems in London have also taken the lead.

Then an evening leafleting in Gs with a few others, we were like tourists among the leafy streets and large villas. Nigel is not about reality, he’s the ‘hope’ that others project onto him, the hope sourced from anger he’s done amazingly well to seize upon, hope twisted into hate, whereas Obama was hope the empty canvas (though he delivered medical cover). What a conversion that NF and Trump have managed, but then with an empty canvas that’s the point, you paint what comes to mind then tell them that’s what they wanted. Like the Jar as Stewart Lee wrote about.

One woman came out and said ‘keep it up!’ which is always gratifying.

D said if not for family and job he’d be down with Steve opposite the HoC. I know what he means.

Most pro-Brexit Tweets are from bots.