A chap with white hair and beard came around and put a Lib Dem leaflet through the door. I ran after him to give him some Bollocks To Brexit stickers, he said he was ‘unfortunately’ doing this as he’d been Labour since aged 14, and the first leaflet he put through the door, ‘I felt guilty,’ he looked so sad as he said it. But all the vacillating over a second referendum, and our MP saying ‘we’re going out unless we stay in’. Dudes WTF.

Even my eldest said this was ‘crazy ridiculous times, I can’t believe it’s gone this far’. As my BinLaw had said, he who’ll be probably allrighter than 99% of others (I’m guessing), ‘what do we do, go to Scotland and set up a kelp farm?’ He’d mentioned this neo-feudalism thing in the shires, the return of doff-capping and reverence to the Lord of the Manor. Must look into this. Another ‘wot?’ like DewDiePie and UKIP, and all the Sargon stuff.

We meanwhile have hustings at the uni today, no UKIP candidate, no Tory candidate from what I can see, and of late the BXP person is ‘TBC’. The mother of one of the other candidates called to say she’d called the police to ensure there’s a presence of some kind as her daughter had received all kinds of abuse and threats throughout this, and the police were surprised to find they’d not been informed. It’s been sorted, but … eh?

The hustings at MMU didn’t go well for the BXP, funnily enough.

MMU hustings

The man responsible for all this poison is of course our Nigel, who’s been twice properly done by journalists, one for BBC Wales and Matt Frei for Channel 4, the latest caper being how much Aaron Banks funded him post the 2016 referendum. Banks whose business is insurance, Nigel who seeks to have everyone on medical insurance.

It is a net beneficiary of money from the EU tha’ts ostensibly ours to start with, but where is it? And he goes on about the steel industry, destroyed under the Tories when he was a Tory, and now in even more trouble thanks to Brexit, while the EU sought to protect the steel industry from Chinese dumping. Utter lying bastard.

A TIG has defected to the Lib Dems in Scotland, might be their second loss already. Ah, they need to stand down, join the LDs all out.

I continue to leaflet with the crew, write letters to the paper, sticker like mad with the dog, tonight is the hustings, tomorrow a vigil, then leafletting elsewhere, today all day at the uni for academic updates on Brexit.

Is there a world other than this?






Three days of leafletting off the bat. Well only an hour a day. The leaflet we have is very negative, of Nigel gnashing his teeth. It’s a horrible picture and unfortunately very ugly, it doesn’t say anything except repel further those who dont’ like him while reminding those that do to vote.

Critically, we need positives to sell the EU, if it’s all hate hate hate that doesn’t sell it. But our brilliant crew have come up with their own design.

I wonder if my postal vote theory though isn’t that bad, it’s more the bots encouraging the otherwise stay-at-homes to vote postally, although … you never know. It’s all in the margins.

Anyway I was out leafletting and got in a right mood. Stickering is therapeutic. As are the terraces, the sunlight, the sun making the grey-blue smoke of cigarettes and BBQs glow so.

I had a good chat with R, and he pointed out the whole Russian interest in Brexit, in smashing up the EU or keeping it along with the West fucked over and infighting while Putin takes on China. There’s a Pilger article on that I must dig out. Banks is backed by the Oligarch novvy Russians, Milne I’d say is with the Soviet-minded Russians, and Bannon is a Libertarian Leninist like the RCP is with Spiked.

For all that though we’re no closer to finding out why so many voted Leave and R’s point that calling them all stupid isn’t so hot. He’s right but we can only go with what we’re told by them, but the boots on the ground is all intimidation adn distraction, as the truly poor and angry and worst off are steered by the plutocrats and chaosists to blame the educated middle classes. The anti-vaccers are part of the cannon of ‘new world order’ conspiracy theories, illuminati, once fringe, now deployed en masse to keep people angry and confused and afraid – and impossible to deal with, really. And it all sources back really to the fossil fuel industry and investors, the climate change deniers.


Good news, if anyone in power wants  to take note (ha!!)


Today though the magistrates heard the opening of the prosecution of Boris Johnson for abuse of public office, while Tommy Robinson’s appeal was turned down at the Old Bailey and he must stand trial again for contempt of court.

So that’s more good news of a sort.

But I must get on it, messaging everyone I know by every means to get out the vote, get out the vote.


(From last October) … I was rehearsing earlier today for a role-play, it’s funny how the mind wanders when you’re supposed to be remembering a line, or be in character, while this person is talking at me about my make-believe medical problem I’m staring at the clouds, wondering where happiness lies, where anxiety doesn’t exist, where in the world there is total silence, solace, the mind turns off, whether I could just throw it all away and live a life doing nothing but painting skyscapes.

Heren and the Red Cross – ‘what do you want?’

They’ve abandoned a million Brits in Europe, they’ve left 3 million fine friends and family here in complete limbo with the outcome possibly being ‘you have no right to stay’, and being drummed out, some leaving children, by total thugs. How is this conscionable to be so derelict, so negligent, so vile, on any level?

Going postal

Polls aside, Farage carps about May 23 to deliver a shock, while Brexit Party bots – as 90% of them are- carp about postal votes …preparing the ground for a huge spike in postal votes in lieu of real turnout, a spike otherwise only explicable by fraud.

Where are these numbers coming from?

Is Seamus Milne actually a stooge of the Russians? Is the surge behind the Brexit Party from the same source as that seen for Corbyn?

Owen Jones now realises the fascist threat? But not from his own side enabling it?

A dark irony of those who hate fundamentalist Islam for its misogyny, ‘grooming gangs’ and acts of terrorism is those far-right haters are into those exact same things.

The Power of the Now

In the run-up to the March 29, if only a fortnight away, still committed Leavers would say in the face of arguments that No Deal would be a disaster, ‘no-one can see the future’, ‘where is your crystal ball?’. This partly comes from Gove’s assertion that no-one should trust experts, but as a construct to dismiss rationally-based fears, fears on study and science and cause and effect, it’s very effective, particularly when allied with ‘faith’ – ‘have faith in Britain’, the feeling.

What we’re also getting right now is Nigel Farage being reminded of what he said during the referendum, pushing the Norway model, that No Deal was an absolute worst-case scenario, and he denies it flat. Not even three years ago, with all the evidence out there for all to see, and he’ll flat deny it, and so will his supporters – the same supporters, note who have gone from ‘sunlit uplands’ to ‘we survived WWII’ without noting the transition, but don’t associate ‘we survived WWII’ with being a reflection of belief in the dour predictions of No Deal. Doesn’t add up. Further though, we have this memory wipe abetted by Fiona Bruce who can say that Nigel’s ‘breaking point’ poster is ‘relatively ancient history’ – even when it’s vividly in the minds of many who for that reason bring it up.

So there is no future, and there is no past. There is only the now, and the now is not rational, it’s based on feeling, but there is a past, towards a distant past of the 1970s, of Empire, when being British meant something, or so we’re led to believe. Nothing about the strikes, the shutdowns, the 3-day week, the IMF bailouts, that even in ’57 Suez should have shown us we weren’t what we were. Even WWII that it was Hell in which millions died and took decades to recover from. But facts don’t matter, how people actually felt then doesn’t matter, it’s how we feel, and how do we feel, now.

And how one feels, now, can be anything you want it to be: anger, frustration, boredom, rage, all of these things channeled out of the two-year Article 50 negotiating process, which leave supporters were all so happy about, but in the event has bored them to death not least due to the government’s extraordinarily bad strategy of playing out for time.

Because it’s feelings and not facts they can’t be argued with, you can’t argue with abstracts like that, and doing so risks real anger because that is the feeling, people being told how they feel or what they feel is wrong, they’ll dig in. And that’s what Nigel is these days, he’s just an angry and incoherent man, but it’s all a persona, him digging in, entrenching against the Elite powers that he is truly a part of in the most international sense, he is globally connected and makes his money from global currency flows. He doesn’t make anything except money from financial ebbs and tides that largely destroy the thing-makers by their instability.

But Nigel can and does cover for it with the sale of abstracts, such, when presented with the fact that No Deal means job losses, he can say ‘what price freedom?’ and people go with it. People actually losing their jobs as flower imports rise in cost or they can’t get European workers to harvest the fruit, nonetheless talk of ‘being free’. Yeah, free from work. Kein Arbeit Macht Frei.

And in the north particularly. Whereas it’s the north that was most noted not for feelings, but what it made, steel, ships, coal, these days, cars. It was the abstract values of the rich with their pride, their gold, their vanity, their brands – all about sellable value, no higher ideal – but sold ideas like sovereignty and freedom to the masses, concepts that the overlords with dine with the Nazis until the day war was inevitable and then they’d send the people with nothing to give their very last, their lives, for those ideals they never lived under in their own lives, in their own countries. The feeling of pride in the bloodiest past that’ll never be forgotten, and pride in the decision they took in 2016 – no matter that the basis of the decision has shifted if not disappeared completely, because that was what was decided, and that can’t be undone either.

Sovereignty and freedom for the overlords to treat people like  utter shit, and have them blame one another for their woes based on colour, religion, gender, et al. For all ther power of the now, some things reign eternal.

Meanwhile, Tommeh says, ‘put the fear of God into MPs’, just like Nigel did. This isn’t emulation or aping, this is Tommeh feeding the message of Farage to the bootboys that the Brexit Party doesn’t want for image purposes. But they are the same, Hitler in a top hat, Rohm kicking people in on the streets, the far-right appealing to all, UKIP hoovering up the gamers and rapists, Turning Point battering into the universities …



Farage was on Marr this morning, exploding with rage if you’re of one inclination, or masterfully putting down the Establishment lackey of smears with the sword of truth and shield of justice, if of another persuasion. The reality is Nigel got the platform he sought to talk about himself and shout about how the BBC is a load of shit, which he’ll edit down and put on his YouTube or Leave’s site for his followers to nod along to, that he’s yet again boldly sticking it to the man. That’s all he does, on TV, in the EP itself.

The party won’t even publish a manifesto which his supporters agree with because all manifestos are lies – by that, even Nigel’s, they’re saying – but you can’t hold that over Nigel if he doesn’t publish one. If this cognitive dissonance is actually truly held, it’s truly horrible.


Another issue is the party’s famed diversity, unlike UKIP and its truly batty far-right-wingery, no no, the Brexit Party has RCP members, Nigeria-born lawyers, ex-RM environmentalists. Except the lawyer, Elizabeth Babade, is listed 6th in the NW constituency. She won’t get elected. All the one and two spots are the ex-Tory, rich, mainly white, property investors, professional politicians, or media pundits for the Express, Westmonster et al. Neo-Tory far-right cabal, with the media types hoping to smear from within. That’ll make them security risks for one.

Away from all this we spent the afternoon blitz leafletting a dozen terrace streets, a great little turnout for us all on a beautiful day, doing what we all feel so badly the need to do.

Brexit Party

Just a few more thoughts about the chap on Friday shouting at us, saying we were in his face, spitting at him, we were the aggressors, it was all lies, but the same lies the skateboarder told. Although with us all around him we were in the end, as he shouted ‘shuttup! Get off the streets!’ we were like dogs yapping at a bear. Quite funny really. He blamed us for being still in the EU at all, because that’s the power we have, the stalls are just a front for the most Machiavellian operation, we are like like Barnier-Milne combo of manipulation. He even said the EU was an Illuminati plot. That’s when I laughed and walked off.

There is also talk of the People’s Vote bungling things almost to the point that they are in fact a Labour front and are really so Labour at heart everything they’re doing is Labour, and if Labour ultimately don’t want a 2nd ref then that’s how the People’s Vote will play it, play to lose.

The 2nd ref. As the missus said 2016 was played like a campaign of two sides competing with misinformation, whereas a true referendum would require absolute objective truths to be told and the public allowed to decide on that basis, as they do in Ireland, they’re full on about it and quite right too, and Switzerland. Here however we had the Remain side led by the duplicitous, arrogant Cameron, hot off winning the 2014 Scottish referendum and the 2015 GE, and the Leave lot, who split themselves deliberately to make their lies all the more plausible to appeal to the most people and then blame everyone else – including their own supporters – for believing the lies of ‘others’. Phenomenal duplicity.

As the missus said, what kind of person could support in such good, violent faith people who are proven liars? A party led by someone so dishonest they won’t even publish a manifesto, which their supporters agree is OK because all manifestos are full of lies – so they’re acknowledging their own side are liars and such liars it’s OK for them not even to try. For sure, this time they won’t know what they’re voting for. Will they be so angry and violent about it again? Yes, because they’re all based on emotions and feelings, and you can’t argue with those, and if you do the reaction you get is violent because of it.

We’ve noticed there’s much more of a frisson these last few weeks particularly with the local elections and the European ones, but we always expected the fervour to rise in the run-up to the original Brexit departure date, as the worst elements see it as a release and ‘victory’, as well as the frustration of it all being delayed. Friday it was overwhelmingly a split between indifference and agreement and sometimes thanks, with a minority of grumblers and as said one angry nutter, there’s always one, ‘we wouldn’t be still in if not for you!’, us the traitors, betrayers of democracy, pointing, shoving. But then we went into a bar afterwards and the whole place practically was on our side.

Today I went to the Brexit Party meet in Hougthon le Spring near Sunderland, this place, a shithole of an arena. The carpark was full and I quickly felt claustrophobia, ‘I have to get out of here, I’m trapped’. The cars were all pricey jobs, Audis, Rangerovers, Vauxhall estates, and new, no bangers, no OAP runabouts. For all the bullshit diversity of the Brexit Party slate we’ve got the angry gammon class backing them here, out in force to fill up this arena that’s obviously sans any other bookings, it’s cheap and available for the last-minute nature of the booking, small enough to pack out but. We’re in heavy Leave territory so that’ll be easy.

Wow, the ambience was bad. We’d wondered among ourselves whether to put on a show of Hearts, but all decided why give the bastards any attention. But I woke and with nothing planned went down to do some stickering, thinking the arena would be near a village, the rail station, bus stops, places I could sticker. No, it’s on a business park and if you’re not in a car really you’re not coming. The place was like an warehouse.

Near the entrance to the carpark was the Brexit Party bus, I got a sticker on it, took pics, saw a man coming towards me, zipped back to my car about 50 yards away, and as I drove off the bus and a big black Merc were going to leave too, having come to have a go at me then realised they were in ‘danger’ and it was best to get the vehicles away – of course, the Merc was Nigel’s (BIG 4241 – BIG??). Two Gammons had also passed me on the way into the car park for late tickets, and were denied, brilliantly because in retrospect they may have held up security long enough for me to strike.


While parked up away, I got this really weird sense, realising I was doing the same ‘curtain journalism’ I used to criticise other journalists for doing about North Korea, when they’d let their prejudices and imaginations get ahead of them and they’d essentially hide behind curtains and by that everything beyond was spooky and scarey. But I did it too, and there are too many parallels, the gammons pounding their hooves screeching and whining in rapture at everything they’re told, whatever it is, whoever’s saying it (well Nigel really) but he doesn’t even have to finish his sentences. He could be saying anything. And he is, as we saw on BBCQT. This cabal of plutocrats accusing detractors of disloyalty, betrayal, at war with a fictitious enemy beyond, allied with an authoritarian superpower, a divided country, these plutocrats exhorting the masses to follow them and seek out the enemies within, isolating and impoverishing them all the while, with these delusions of grandeur and global respect for them while nothing could be further from the truth … xenophobia, poverty, utterly class-ridden social structure, and all built around this sick personality cult of the most embittered man with such a chip on his shoulder, such an inferiority complex.

A form of Hell.

You need the overseas budget to help train 3rd world locals to become nurses and come to work in the NHS while the Europeans leave in droves because of the hate they face, that their work experience may be of no value at all, that for all the work they’d done, lives they’ve built, tax they’ve paid without representation, they’re apparently to blame for all the UK’s putrid ills. Whereupon we’ll need the truly desperate to come plug the gaps.
You people – assuming anyone on this page is real and not some Bot – are determined to succor hate and ignore reality literally to the point of killing yourselves for it.
I’d say ‘this is your choice, fine’, but I have to suffer it too? Fuck that. No, fuck that.
I cite the Oxford Mail article for my rage here.