Norff Sea

Spent the morning in the North Sea wrestling with a tree log, then had tea in Wallsend, before returning home to Ryton, watching F1 and dozing off. And instead of waking up feeling grotty and thinking f*** it’s Sunday I won’t want to live, I woke up, it was still light outside, the dogs were dozing, perfect quiet, I had nothing to do … and it was lovely.


Another Old Alleynian Nazi on the brink


When I put the link to Hollowhead’s Wiki page, it says he’s UKIP. But you click on the link and it says Conservative – someone’s playing games:

Philip Thomas Hollobone (born 1964) is a British Conservative Party politician who is both a Member of Parliament for theKettering constituency (since the 2005 general election) and a member of Kettering Borough Council for the Piper’s Hill ward (since 3 May 2007).[1]

BBC & Torygraph in right-wing plot to…help the hated Lib Dems?! WHERE are the Greens?!?!

According to the Telegraph, the Lib-Dem vote in the final poll before this by-election slumped to a pitiful 2%, says the paper, citing the Ashcroft Poll. But as you see, the total % of the parties shown on the Telegraph graph adds up to 95 … where’s the other 5%?
See the Wiki reporting of that same Ashcroft poll, the GREENS get 4%!!! DOUBLE the Lib Dems!
The GREENS who are also absent from the BBC election coverage chat sitting around with Andrew Neil … fucking joke.Ashcroft poll WIKI telegraph gits