Caffeine works with dopamine as well, I’ve now read. I’d thought caffeine did what it did, but it meddles with dopamine distribution, much like it’s thought Facebook does, hence the addiction, the reward-kick, then the lows. I definitely noticed it with FB and don’t miss it (instead I’m on Twitter a lot. FB at least is like being a massive pub with your mates, Twit tho is like the visiting fairground where kids you’ve never met before come to shank you and anyone else. PInterest is good, I can at least pretend I’m marauding some open ended gallery and have found out more about people like Franz Masareel, Tamara de Lempicka and the like. I digress.)

Anyway, it’s been my wont to have a couple of litres of coffee a day, although I know it burns my belly and the whole hi-lo thing, so I’ve cut down before. Now though I know of this dopamine link, maybe this’ll make it click, and am working on weening down.

The shame is how much caffeine is around these days in soft drinks and energy drinks and little Costa trolley franchises being everywhere, and you think combine this with the addiction, ADHD-hi-lo inducing effects of social media, and you have no only millions of people with 2-second attention spans, but they’re locked in their own other worlds.

Their phones are portals to their own virtual worlds, there is no connection to the full-sensed world of the now, we know that, but there couldn’t be anyway because they’re jacked on caffeine. Both distort your outlook and your mood, combine the two and surely you’re making for a lot of very unhappy and confused people, their every waking moment tapped in to lies of Donald Trump or the non-lives of sociopathic YouTube stars.



My Facebook account is set for deletion in 14 days, giving plenty of time to re-login and have the deletion time reset …

Meh, nobheads. Fuck it. 🙂