‘A wonderful father and provider – stop carping about the kids he battered to death.’

All the spending on the universities and NHS were basically regeneration funds to expand and spruce them all up to better enable the unis to demand f*** off fees and the hospitals were put on the market / game. Money based on real debts the taxpayer has years to pay off – many of them to be graduates with £30k of tuition fee debt on top of them. It was pure, unadulterated cronyism where New Labour truly trumped the Tories. 

It was Labour that started smashing up legal aid – while creating over 3,000 new offences.

Don’t forget how far Blair expanded the surveillance state, oversaw complicity in torture with the US, and enwhored himself to Murdoch. and went a bundle on legislating through the autocratic European Commission, which he still seeks to take over.

Yes peace came to Northern Ireland – most of the groundwork was done under John Major – but peace there doesn’t justify war everywhere else – although it does because he rakes millions as a peace broker in the Middle East that he did so much to bomb the hell out of. Cos he is a war criminal.
Whatever vapid lies can be wheeled out to portray him as a wonderful leader of the left, none of whatever scant ‘good’ he did can justify bombing millions on lies.




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